Scott Baio for Pope!

I just wanted to be the first to float it, since, ya know, you all were thinking it.

I was thinking… Bill Maher.

<That’d shut 'im up right quick.>

Tom Harpur. (Has written about religion in the Toronto Star.) :slight_smile:

Pope Chachi?

I’m waiting for them to name Father Guido Sarducci as Pope John Paul Ringo George.

I may be waiting a while …

Liza Minnelli! She’d be a fabulous Pope, and highly entertaining.

Liza Minnelli! She’d be a fabulous Pope, and highly entertaining.

“Liza’s so nice, I posted her twice . . .”

You know, Eve, that’s how catchphrases get started around here.

I dunno…Pope Hal has kind of a nice ring to it. Maybe I’ll start lobbying.

I wonder if I could run on a “Recovering Catholics For Sacrilege” platform…

Mel Gibson would make a kick ass Pope, and I bet he’d bring in alot of converts.

Mel would have one heck of a PopeMobile…

Last of the V8 interceptors, eh?

Pope Charles!

o/Pope Charles in charge of my days and my nights! Pope Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights. o/

Makes sense, we’ve already had a Pope Joan(ie).

Oprah Winfrey.

We could call her Pope-rah.

Bad-ump-bump! Thankyouverymuch!

Murtaugh: God hates me. That’s what it is.

Riggs: " Hate him back. Works for me."

Pope Shirley. That’s gotta good sound to it.

Or maybe all of us here could become the new one and just rename the site The Straight Pope.

No, no, no. To add a level of legitimacy it would have to be at least Pope Chachi XIV

You folks really need to work on suckin’ up.

The new Pope should be, of course,


Could a pope Ru Paul be in our future?