Scott Pelley To Replace Katie Couric on "CBS Evening News"

Most of you know Couric’s ratings on the CBS Evening News have been less than spectacular, so it seemed pretty much guaranteed her contract would not be renewed.

Now it seems Scott Pelley is the first choice to replace Couric.

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What do you think of this? I find him rather bland. He’d be better than Couric but I still think CBS could do better.

Uh, I don’t know who Scott Pelley is, but I called it as soon as it was announced that Katie would take over that the moment she could get out of that gig, she would. I’m surprised she didn’t try to weasel her way out sooner.

He’ll probably do fine, although I don’t watch CBS. Now if ABC could just get rid of Diane Sawyer and replace her with. . .anybody else.

I thought she wanted to leave after the 2008 elections…

They should get Bob Simon. They should be going after the demographic that watches news, older white people. That is why Couric was such a huge failure. they tired to appeal to a demographic that won’t watch their product.