Scott Walker drawing huge throngs in support of Cooch in Virginia (not)

About a 100 in Woodbridge and another 150 in Spotsylvania.

GOP “Rock star” Scott Walker brought his anti-union message to the Old Dominion.

As a control, what were the crowds for Obama when he campaigned for McA, and for Biden, and for the candidates themselves?

I can’t say I’m really surprised people don’t care about an out-of-state governor visiting.

I don’t think the point of these types of visits is really to draw big crowds. Even the party faithful are going to have a limited interest in going to stand out in the cold to see some second tier out of state politician.

The point is to get a blurb in the paper, which will remind marginal voters that there’s an election coming up and “their guy” needs support.

Not sure the comparison is really fair. Obama and Biden are obviously a lot more of a draw by virtue of their office. There are people that will go see Obama just to say they saw the Prez, I don’t think that’s true for Governor of Wisconsin. I suspect in absolute numbers, more Virginians approve of Obama then know who Scott Walker is .

1,600 at an Obama rally for McAuliffe.

It probably isn’t a fair point, but unless other governors start coming by to help campaign, it’s the best proxy we have. I did hear Rubio is helping out as well, I suppose his numbers would be a better proxy.

Of course, Obama and Biden are campaigning because they want another Dem Governor. Rubio and Walker are campaigning because they want their name out there for 2016. So that will skew the results also.

Isn’t everyone in favor of cooch anyway? Well, everyone except the gays, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering that Walker represents one-fiftieth of the country, one tenth of the turnout isn’t bad.

Last poll taken showed McAuffle with a 6 point lead, and he’s widely expected to win, so I think more than just the gays dislike the cooch.

Rubio’s star pulled 200.

Rand Paul got 300.

And Cooch tried to avoid being on the same stage as Cruz.

Yes, but some of them were clones of the ones drawn by Walker and Rubio.

The Daily Show last night had a bit about how Virginians are utterly disgusted with both candidates – Cuccinelli is too crazy and McAuliffe is too sleazy. One voter called it “a choice between a heart attack and cancer.”

Well, it is what it is. Who’s leading in the polls, anyway?

Yesterday, Quinnipiac released a poll showing T-Mac up by 6, and PPP said he was up by 7.

Like I’ve been saying all along, “Vote for the faceless, soulless hack - it’s important!”

McAuliffe has a clear lead. I expect Sarvis (the Libertarian candidate) will get a high-single-digit vote as a proxy for NOTA, and might actually break into double digits with the addition of his actual positive votes.

I’m hearing a lot of the same stuff about the upcoming Rick Scott/Charlie Crist faceoff in Florida: total asshole versus shameless panderer.

When Crist was governor before, nobody loved him, and nobody hated him either, or thought much about him at all. He was just kinda there. But Scott . . .

I’ve started a thread about Crist v Scott now that Charlie has officially declared…

I wouldn’t put them at the same level. I’d compare McAuliffe to a case of psoriasis, and Cuccinelli to early-onset Alzheimer’s. You’d hate to have either one, but you could live with the psoriasis if you had to.

His lead was about 10% until the debate at Virginia Tech where he came out in favor of all sorts of gun control measures…including an AWB… IN VIRGINIA! WTF!!! I wish Democrats would stop shooting themselves in the foot on an issue that they will and should lose.

Terry got a huge boost after the government shutdown. There was almost no way he could lose before he started getting mouthy about gun control so I guess its safe for him to float this balloon but it should now be clear to anyone running in a swing state that gun control will cost you a few percent in the vote.

Given the general distaste for both gubernatorial candidates, is voter turn-out expected to be low this year?