Scotty beams back down to Earth

Scotty’s orbiting ashes recovered

Look at the bright side - now the sci-fi tourists going to Roswell have a new pilgrimage site.

Wait…when you pay to have your ashes launched into space, you mean they don’t stay up there?

I’d want a refund.

Like you, I had assumed that when somebody’s remains were launched into space they were going off to infinity. Not spending four minutes getting blasting through the higher levels of the atmosphere before crashing into a mountain.

I find it a little weird that the BBC article gives Gordon Cooper, a genuine astronaut, second billing to James Doohan. Understandable, but still weird.

Dang. Mr. Scott’s remains, fired into space, then lost for three weeks in the wilderness of New Mexico. That’s got to be right near the top of the list of Trek collectibles. And here I’ve got several days’ vacation time saved up and everything. If I’d only known…

If you’re going to risk your life hiking through mountains in the middle of a storm to recover the remains of a dead TV actor, shouldn’t you at least hold out for one who was listed in the opening credits?

Well I did say it was near the top of the list of Trek collectibles, not the very top…

On the other hand, who knows if any of the others will even be as conveniently available? Kelley’s ashes were scattered at sea… Shatner might want his remains scattered over the hood of a sedan while speeding through Los Angeles traffic, or perhaps mixed in with the printer’s ink used for publication of The Complete Annotated TekWar.

Aren’t you supposed to release the ashes so they can blow away in the (solar) wind? Next time somebody does this be sure to open the urn.