'Bye, Scotty

James Doohan, better known as Scotty on Star Trek, has died, Sky News is reporting.


He’s not dead. There was a transporter malfunction that caused only his soul to be beamed up. As we speak Spock and Kirk are working on a way now to beam his soul back down to him.
R.I.P. Scotty.

Nothing pithy or informative to add. Just a fond farewell.

Beam him up, Captain.

His performances brought a lot of happiness.

Not the worst legacy.

Ah, that’s a shame.

“She can’t take much more of this, Captain!”
Thanks Scotty.

Aww, man! This sucks.

Godspeed, Scotty.

Reportedly, his last words were “Captain, I’ve found somethi-…”

I kid, I kid.

A wonderful performer, and I hope he didn’t suffer terribly in the last few years with Alzheimer’s.

He lost a finger on D-Day. He is alright in my book.

The dilithium crystals!

bye, Scotty.

“A keyboard? How quaint.”

By-bye, Scotty. We love you. :frowning:

At least he’ll be enjoying a glass of green stuff with Dr. McCoy and Harry Mudd.

RIP Mr Doohan, Canadian WW2 veteran, D-Day survivor, and wounded in action.

I always liked Scotty. Althuogh this, fromthe CNN site, bugged me:

I’m pretty sure that phrase was never actually said. The closest was,

“Beam us up, Mr. Scott.”

But I could be wrong. Anyone know for sure? Snopes didn’t have it listed.

I just wish that he would have agreed to be on Futurama.

Who will play the pipes at his funeral?

…and a glass of fine Scotch in his honor tonight…

Now I really feel old. I remember when he was thin and had dark hair.

Farewell, Scotty. Engineering wilna be the same without you.