Scrabble. I love Scrabble. Don't you love Scrabble?

I do love me some scrabble. My roommate and I play sometimes, but he’s the only one that I really ever play with.

A friend and I have gotten into the habit of listening to old-time radio broadcasts and playing Scrabble.

Apparently it’s the 40s.

Yup, Scrabble is great. My best Scrabble story …

We’re playing Scrabble with another couple. She spells out P-E-N-I-S. Her hubby, looking at the board inverted, says “Pennis! [sub](rhymes with tennis)[/sub], there’s no such word as pennis! You’re cheating.” She, with wicked grin, says “Are you sure?”. He, a Greek scholar and would-be word geek says “Heck yeah I’m sure, let’s get the dictionary”.

So she sloowly turns the board around facing his way. After about 45 degrees, boy did he turn red. My pennis nearly wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

I got Super Scrabble for Christmas, too. Haven’t opened it up yet. Frankly the concept of the Quadruple Word Score scares me.

C’mon! Gank’s a perfectly cromulent word! I use it all the time. It means “to boldly steal, often through stealth.”

gank (vt.)

Scrabble is my second favorite game under Monopoly (the evidence for this is while I do have about 7 scrabble games including super scrabble I have about 70 monopoly games plus other stuff)

I have a Tshirt witl all the Q w/o U words on it :slight_smile: I get many compliments and many more confused looks!

The latest version of computer scrabble resurrected Email scrabble! Happy Dance!!

[Obligatory post containing nothing but a link to a flash movie]


All you Scrabble fans, you need to track down the documentary Word Wars. Very interesting and entertaining, and no matter how obsessed you are with the game, you’ll meet dozens of people who make you look like a dilettante. Trust me. :slight_smile:

The two-letter, three-letter, U-less Q words, high-frequency six-letter stems (SATIRE, SATINE, et al.) can be found easily enough with a web search. Yeah, they’re pretty important.

In high school, we always used to play “dirty word” Scrabble when we were bored. Yeah, it’s lame and childish, but it’s good for giggle.

Last year, I found a web site that had the new corrected list of 2 letter words approved to be used in Scrabble, I used it to show Cecil that his list in a Straight dope classic was outdated.

Cecil used the link for the update on the classic article. :cool:

I love Scrabble too. In fact, I play in a club every week and memorize lists of words and such.

Pretty soon “qi” will be acceptable in tournament play in North America. That, I am looking forward to.

Does anyone else play with house rules on acceptable words?

We allow most common profanities, which aren’t in the Official Scrabble Dictionary. Not that we go out of our way to spell them, but it’s kind of silly to pretend “shit,” which has been an English word for much longer than most words, isn’t a word. We have a few others written out we didn’t find in the OSD, mostly modern coinings.

I love scrabble. My best scrabble experience was the short period I was hooked to it online, and played an old 82 year old lady from the U.S. whose 84 year old husband had fought to liberate my country in World War II. After our 2 games and a very pleasant conversation she had to politely take leave from me to tend the roses in her garden before the sun sets. The full implications of this short interaction and the mental image it projects in my head surely warrant a poem some day.

From Scrabble FAQ - General Information

Here’s a list of the removed words:

And yes, I love Scrabble very much and am rather good at it:

I play frequently on the Internet Scrabble Club. Check out to get on it yourself–it’s really incredible.

Yeah, in my family we always disallowed slang, or even words that were marked in the dictionary as “dialectical” or “informal”. It was Standard Written English or bust. We liked it that way–it was more challenging and you didn’t have to memorize all of short jargon and slang words in the “official” dictionary. Unfortunately having mastered all of the strategy that way I’d never be able to re-learn it the “right” way.

I would note that Filapinos are Scrabble killers. The train as kids it seems by betting their lunch money on games. Here in the Kingdom, they have a national championship.

I play it occasionally, too. Want to meet for a game?

I got hooked on to scrabble pretty late in life. About 4 years ago when I was 20, my friend calm kiwi introduced me to the online version and I never looked back.

I play on Yahoo Literati too and I think all scrabble playing dopers should unite for tournaments and the like.