I have been reading these boards for a couple of years (err. . not all the time…, did have to eat etc.) and am curious if there’s any dopers here who are similarly afflicted by the scrabble-itis…

Will play anyone - anytime on ISC

My handle there is suprisingly similar to the one I’m using here :smiley:

Cecil, forgive my impertinance, but you need not apply. I have no need to be humbled by your brilliance.

I play at Lexulous as twickster.

I play isc as bup (I’ve been there for two whole weeks.) (not continuously).

My isc rating is hovering ~500 (and I hope going up, as I memorize all the two letter words and then their extensions). Is that good enough to be a good opponent for you?

**twickster **- what’s Lexulous? It would be an honor and a privilege to be crushed by you. – they got smacked by the owners of the Scrabble brand (who continue to refuse to put up their own online version, assholes) so they’ve changed the game just enough to avoid legal problems … a few changes in point values (Q and Z are both 12 points; a T, interestingly enough, is 2) and a slight tweak of the board layout (in the placement of DWS and the DLS and TLS – the TWS are in the traditional places, though), but basically the same game. You adapt quickly to the differences.

I tried isc briefly in the period when Lexulous was in the process of making the changes that got Scrabble off their back, but found the interface clunky and unintuitive.

I’m not sure how isc does ratings – 500 sounds really low, but not if they start you at 0. At lexulous, they start you at 1800 when you first sign up, and you tumble dramatically from there with your first loss (I played a newbie the other night who went 1800 --> 1534 when I won). I dropped down to about 1000 while I figured out the whole ratings thing but have built back up since. My rating fluctuates between 1700 and 1800 – I’m at the low end of that range right now after a really hellish losing streak.

I’m delighted to play any Doper who wants to – ask Carnivorous Plant – just throw in a “Hi Opal” or suchlike at the start of the game so I know who you are. I generally play a pretty brisk game (each person getting 7 minutes on the clock to start, with 10 seconds added when you take a turn; there’s usually a few minutes on the clock at the end of the game) but not speed-scrabble. For a social game with a fellow Doper, though, I’d be happy to play a more leisurely game.

Actually, Asimovian and I played a couple of email games there, and he beat me in one of them. I’d be happy to play via email with anyone interested.

I’m not clear on how isc does their ratings (and I could look it up, but…later). I average 300-350 points a game.

I don’t think we would necessarily be mismatched.

Interesting about the ratings system… I looked up ISC’s formula and was surprised at the complexity of it. I won’t go into detail (largely because I’m no math genius), but typing ‘help rating’ into the command line will get you a look at it.

Your definately going to improve on that 500 or so… comparing our stats your 314/15 (game average/word average) and I’m 332/22…, going up to about 380/26 if I’m playing well, yet my rating hovers about 1500 give or take depending on the tile fairy. The first ten ‘provisional’ games you play have the deciding factor in relation to where you start with the ratings, win big then and your set, post those games it’s word average thats going to boost it.

Anyways… have added you to the buddies, hope to catch you there sometime :smiley:


Ah, I’ll add you as a buddy tonight, assuming my internet at home is working (had service guys out today).

:stuck_out_tongue: This quote stands as a veritable primer on how to tell someone what they want to hear - double negative, subjunctive tense, and then, just in case I began to get wise that you’re worlds better, the vague adverb necessarily.

Well, I am a trained professional. :wink:

I’m kisstheblade on WordBiz.

Actually, I’m ksstheblde.

One of my fav games…IRL.

People have a tendency to use a scrabble dictionary online, I guess I could too, but whats the point of the game if your not exercising your brain.:rolleyes:

(said dictionary takes your random letters and generates a list of words for you)

That’s one of the reasons for playing a timed game – doesn’t leave people time to cheat. Er, use an anagrammer.

At ISC, you can sign an agreement you won’t use an anagrammer, and I take people at their word. If they want to cheat in an online game that has no consequence, it’s not my problem.

Just want to brag that I got my first ever triple-triple a few days ago… ADEQUATE for 194 points.

Wow – nice!

I play on ICS as SadakoGirl. I haven’t played in a couple months but if any Dopers are up for a game, I’d love to play.

ICS and WordBiz are the same thing, right?

:eek: - That’s not fear - just respect.

I assume ics and wordbiz are the same - wordbiz is the app from the isc site, right?

I’ll look for **ksstheblde **and **SadakoGirl **next time I’m on. I have a feeling I’m going to be the Washington Generals of this little coterie.