Scratch 'n sniff stickers, College Edition

What would be some good smells for a College Edition of good old Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers? So far, we’ve got

  1. Beer
  2. Pot smoke
  3. Dirty laundry

When I market this and make a million bucks, you get a piece of the action is your suggestion makes the final cut!

  1. Microwaved food
  1. Ramen
  2. Stale Beer
  3. Vomit

10.mocha shakes

Have we done vaginal…juices?

  1. Pizza!

Maybe a more generic “sex funk” smell would be appropriate?

  1. Sex funk
  2. Overpriced new textbook
  1. Urine in the refrigerator (it’s a unique smell; trust me)
  1. Overpriced Coffee
  1. Axe body spray.

  2. Hustler magazine had a centerfold with a scratch n’ sniff patch on the girl’s wonderful place. They said it was the aroma of her favorite scented douche.

18 Moldy Pizza
19 Bathroom Disinfectant
20 Cheap Incense
21 Shorted-Out Hot Plate
22 Burnt Microwave Popcorn