Screamers Mafia

On the distant planet of Sirius 6B, a gold rush occurred. Specifically, a rush to the planet, from others. And it was for berynium, not gold. But otherwise, it was like a gold rush. So anyway. On most of the planet, one large organization, called the N.E.B., dominated–their workers scoured the planet for berynium, and all was good. Well, until the revolt. The miner’s union, simply known as the alliance, were protesting for better wages and humane working conditions. The war escalated until the N.E.B. resorted to employing Autonomous Mobile Swords, or Screamers, as attack units. These units slowly ate away at the population, until none were left–on either side.

And while that makes for a good story, that is not where this game is taking place. Instead, we must look at a tiny outpost, made up of real-estate taken by a different industry giant. Here, there is only a small mining town, separated from the war, and from the devastation. They managed to upload a shield to protect themselves after the screamers started to attack, and since then they’ve been holding out, hoping some poor ship will take them. But the ships are afraid too. They don’t want to pick up an evil killer robotic hitchhiker.

Until today. Today, the giant star ship S.S. Sturgeon announced that it would fly to the planet, looking for survivors. They have said that they will be there in a couple weeks. Of course, it had to be the same day that a girl ran into the town, yelling about the robots. She died of sawblade wounds, the kind that come from such a robot.

All of you, the townspeople, are engaged on a quest now, for great justice! The screamers would wreak havoc if they were brought back to another planet. They must die!


The name of the game is Mafia, and it goes like this: each Day, the townsfolk vote to kill someone they suspect is an evil hidden character (in this case, the screamers). Each Night, the screamers meet in secret and kill someone they think is on to them. This continues until one faction has been completely eliminated, or nothing can stop this from happening. Basically.

You can post PMs if you want to, but keep in mind that the basic Town PM is public. Like so:

Citizen (Vanilla Town)

You are a/an (bureaucrat/average miner/wife of a miner/child of a miner) and thus do not have any special skills to bring to the town beyond your opinion and strategies.
Also, the win conditions are public:

Town–You win when all threats to you are dead.
Scum–You win when you control the vote.

If you need further clarifiaction, ask in Bold and Green or PM Mahaloth or me.

Mahaloth is co-modding.

Voting…is a little complicated. First everyone has to do the Sacred Dance of Rhumba. Then, we all try to rickroll each otehr. Whoever gets the most hits gets a bonus vote. THen, you have to hash a cipher of your true target, at which point…

Okay, not really.

Vote in Bold and Blue.
Unvote in Bold and Red.
Day Length
For the first 24 hours, voting will be used to elect a leader. The leader cannot unvote, and when he votes, he starts a 24 hour countdown which will end the Day. This is the only way the Day can end. If the Leader goes M.I.A. the runner-up leader gets promoted to Back-up Leader, who is the same. Also, the Leader can break ties.

Night length is always 48 hours.

So I’ve left 3 games 3 different ways before the morning of Day 2 in my illustrious Mafia career so far. Reporting for further punishment.

  1. Tom Scud

So if nobody else signs up, I automatically win, right?

Please enable my newest online obsession. I got hooked following the Weird Wild West game.

Similar, except I’ve actually made it to Night Two once. Go me.


  1. Tom Scud
  2. tiltawhirl
  3. Normal Phase

Yay, more people!

Too late, you’re outnumbered.

vote Normal Phase


Uh that was for leader, yeah, that’s what I was voting for.

I’ll take a stab at this.

I’d like in.

What’s all this leader stuff, though? Is the leader the person that we want to kill…or what?q

NETA (just in case): Okay I’m slow, I think I get it. So at first we vote for some leader, then when he votes scum, the day starts ending.

The leader gets to wear the really cool leader’s jersey, emblazoned with a series of concentric circles on the back.


** Vote: Zoggie**

You remembered!

For you, I always will! :cool:


What happens if there’s a tie for the leader vote?

Do we have any basic setup information (existence or not of third parties, any recruitment mechanic, etc.)?