So for drama i have to come up with about 7 different screenplay that would be round 10-15 minuets long and i am completely out of idea! I could really use some help on this
what i have already is
-Getting to relieve the last year of your life after you die
-A modern day Mobile phone Genie
-A troubled writer

so can any of you guys help with this? Preferably the main character would be a teenage girl but any idea could help!!!?

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samclem, moderator

I think screenplays in the form of minuets is a risky idea. You might want to hold it down to three or four minuets max, with perhaps a lively tango or two for a change of pace.

Way to welcome a new member sarcasm

Welcome to the SDMB, and I hope you come up with some of your own ides to complete your homework.

Making fun of, or distorting, user names, is a form of personal insult which isn’t allowed. I’m letting it mostly slide since Czarcasm could have been less… um… yeah. :wink:

Hoverboard015: if you’re a serious poster, asking a serious question, you don’t seem to have much for us to work with. If you have a MINOR plot point you want help with, sure, we can be creative. But you’re asking for help with the MAJOR plot outline, and then it wouldn’t be your screenplay, would it?

If you’re only able to turn out 10-15 minutes worth of material, I think that story ideas aren’t the problem. Without seeing your writing, my guess would be that you’re using too much exposition and, effectively, telling your plot to the viewers, rather than actually running through the story in (edited) real time.

Every time you write something new, it is practice in developing your ideas and putting them into words. But to save your brain some effort on the “developing ideas” side of thing, so that you can just concentrate on the “putting into words” part, I would recommend going back and rewriting one of your current scripts with a goal of making it two or three times longer.

Best way to get ideas is to liberally steal them from someone else*. But take parts of three ideas and merge them into one each time, to cover your tracks. It seems to work for a lot of the professionals.

*skim Amazon, or look through an art site like DeviantArt or Pinterest to be inspired.

Yes thank you for the most helpful replies ever mate
I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO IT, i am asking for an idea
God yeah thanks alot