Screw the drugs: A REAL reason to hate Rush

As if his self-righteous bile-vomiting demagoguery weren’t enough: He’s reportedly got something going with Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe of 24).

Jesus H. Fuck on a pointed stick! What a year for cultural icons of male/female attraction. First dewy ingénue Katie Holmes hitches up with sawed-off psychotic has-been Tom Cruise. Then slightly-overage girl-next door Sandra Bullock pimps out to real-life comic-book character Jesse James. Now plucky, down-to-earth, fresh-faced Mary Lynn is supposed to be giving it up for porky, balding, dissolute, cynical mass-manipulator Rush.

Better dirty up your acts, fellas: the era of the Tragic Mismatch is dawning. The woman of your dreams is being conditioned to want not the man of her dreams, but a broad commercial cartoon of hypermasculinity served up by the right-leaning media machine.

I myself plan to shave my head clean, cultivate my potbelly out to 48", cover myself in unattractive tattoos and pick fights in expensive restaurants. Ladies, come to papa.

But … there are SO MANY great reasons to hate Rush Limbaugh! Why do we have to pick just one?

Indeed you don’t! He is a latter-day Visigoth, come to lay waste to centuries of culture, learning and civilization. It would not be going too far, I don’t think, to declare* fatwa* against him.

Better get some money, too. :slight_smile:

There’s only one reason to hate Rush, and that’s…Counterparts.

(We’re talking about the band, right?)

[QUOTE=Beware of Doug
I myself plan to shave my head clean, cultivate my potbelly out to 48", cover myself in unattractive tattoos and pick fights in expensive restaurants. Ladies, come to papa.QUOTE]

Almost there. More belly , less hair and let the ass kickin’ begin :smiley:

Well, this would explain the need for Viagra…

I’m comfortable. What really turns 'em on these days is a guy who makes other people uncomfortable.

Years ago, I had to have an outpatient surgical procedure done on my wrist. At the pre-surgical conference with the anestheologist, I was told they wouldn’t be giving me a general, but using a nerve block. This scared the crap out of me, because I did not want to be even slightly awake while someone was cutting on me.

I arrive at the hospital at 6am. They give me the obligatory open back gown, paper slippers, a blanket and tell me to change and go into the waiting room. I do so, and enter a room full of naked blanket-covered people with dear old Rush on the TV and no way to change it.

The tech calls me in for vital signs about an hour later, and remarks “the doctor may not want to do your surgery today, as your blood pressure is high.” I replied “I’ve been told that I’m going to be cut on while I’m awake, you have me sitting wearing a blanket in a room full of blanket-wearing strangers, and Rush-fucking-Limbaugh is on the fucking TV. Or course my blood pressure is high!”

In the Paleolihtic, it was the guy with the most rocks that got the women. Remember, she stands a chance of having her character whacked next season. They drop like flies on 24.
Ethilrist: Thanks for pointing that out.
I hate you. We all hate you.

It dawned at least 22 years ago. :wink:

Maybe she just likes the initials R.L., politics be damned. She went from Russ Lieber to Rush Limbaugh.

So, possible life-choice changes in the offing for her and Rikki Lake? :dubious:

Hey, I resent that! I’m part Visigoth on my mother’s side!

I blame The King of Queens, Everbody Loves Raymond and According to Jim for this becoming widely acceptable. Damn you Kevin James.

OK, but somewhere along the line it turned from comedy to totally serious.

My hypothesis is that the rightward turn in the culture, and the feeling of a nation under threat from terror (and perhaps also from within), brought the essentialist, cave-people, biological-determinist view of sex roles back into fashion, and pop culture, with its tendency to exaggerate and make archetypes, did the rest.

She must know some good sources for “hillbilly heroin.”

Gag me!

A boot stepping on a human face.

Watch this Flash.
Doesn’t address l’affaire Rajskub (if, Og forbid, there is one). But it makes me feel a teeny bit better.