Scripted Events in Global Politics?

Is there clearcut evidence that it has ever happened that, what appeared to most people to be a conflict between two governments, was in fact secretly explicitly scripted by those two governments?

Or if not governments, then some other set of organizations?


In the Suez Crisis, the intervention of Britain and France was a set up:

Things didn’t go to script for very long, though.

Hows this for an answer. The United States secretly funded the Third Reich. The United States destroyed Nazi Germmany in 1945. Today, Germany is the third richest nation in the world, the United States being its biggest importer. Doesn’t quite all add up.

As I indicated in the OP, I was looking for “clearcut evidence.”

What you’ve brought up is fine for the fun activity of spinning conspiracy theories. (Good times! Good times!) But I was hoping for something much more solid.

The Suez Crisis post was very interesting! I’d say if I can say I know government’s have tried it on one occasion, I’m licensed to feel I can bet with some certainty that they’ve tried it on numerous other occasions. What say the good people of the Dope to this principle of inference?


I don’t know of any governments running a sham war – war is too unpredictable – but there are many cases where a government urged another to fight a third.

In WWI, the French government openly urged Serbia to not back down to Austria, and openly urged the Russians to back Serbia. The France wanted to go to war with Germany, and these actions were likely to lead to that result.

Japan entered the war on the urging of the Allies; Japan had no real beef with the Central Powers, but were promised territory if they went to war.