Scriptual Revision – With Apology

I was vacationing in a stupor under a tin roof under a tin-tan sun and awoke to find the following missive under the iguana I call ‘Pillow’.

As re REVELATIONS; it should have been Norsemen. We have no clear idea as how this might affect the eschatology; but feel it must have some impact on the iconography. This correction would have been made earlier; but we only recently received the manuscript. Sorry for the confusion.


Just Another Beleaguered Functionary

I have no idea why this note was delivered to me. Perhaps it was meant for Pillow.

It is yet one more curiosity that nips at my heels, and I thought I would share.

I am intrigued. I’m imagining Plague with pointy horned-helmet and blonde braids.
You have some messed up friends.