Something is causing every page load to scroll all the way to the bottom. Very annoying. Safari on iOS 9.3.2.

Is your “End” key stuck, by any chance?

Seems similar to this problem:

I’m no expert on Safari, but I poked around a bit and it does seem that Safari has some scrolling issues with certain types of web content. I’m starting to think that this is caused by some of the ads here, but not necessarily meaning that those ads are doing something wrong. It’s just that the types of web controls they are using triggers bugs in Safari that causes it to scroll.

iOS is iPhone or iPad. No “End” key on those devices.

It’s not only Safari this is happening on. It’s doing it on my LG phone with the default Android browser, too.

It’s being caused by the “mylife” ad.

I don’t see ads, so out of curiousity I tried viewing SDMB on a friend’s iPad. Holy shit that’s a mess!

I downloaded a new browser, AON browser with ad blocker. What a difference! The ad quit hijacking the Dope and it does what I want it to do.

It happens on my phone as well. I am using Mercury, a browser I downloaded specifically for this website, when the SDMB kept having all those redirect ads on Safari, which had been great up til this week. Something keeps automatically scrolling to the bottom of the page.