Scrubs 8/31

Any thoughts about Heather Graham’s character so far?

First impressions:

-She’s very easy on the eyes
-low-cut scrubs? What the hell?

-ditzy dumb blonde thing suits her well. Not sure why - this is the first time I’ve seen her on screen, so it can’t be leftover impressions from another character
-she gets the best lines this episode. (“This is a really windy hospital.”:D)

Other things:

-Elliot is still pissed at J.D. - understandable, but by the middle of the episode she’s complaining to HIM that she’s feeling left out.

-I prefer Elliot’s previous haircut. The slutty look, you know. After she cut down a bit on the eye makeup.

-What happens after they’re not residents anymore? Do they work stints outside of the hospital? (Seems like there wasn’t much of a difference between intern and resident responsibilities, other than their having to take their own interns, and that only lasted a while.)

-Carla said she was going to throw out Rowdy. And he’s still there. (Phew.)

Holy Cow, did the season start already? Oops. :frowning:

Yeah, yesterday. They don’t show it on TV here but I got it off IRC quite easily. I think there’s a rerun sometime later this week for those of you in the States.

The rerun is Saturday the 4th at 8:30 pm. (Against a new Justice League Unlimited episode, btw)

Carla didn’t throw Rowdy out, but apparently she did fill him with potpourri.

DaddyTimesTwo beat you to the thread:

“How are your thighs?”
“They’re hot, and pink.”
“Want me to rub ointment on them?”
“No, that’s okay.”
(Every single guy in the room)“Awww.”

Gaaaah. Dammit.