Scrubs premiere

Sometimes things just work out. I just happened to catch the last 5 minutes of “Father of the Pride”, and the entire season premiere of Scrubs, by far my current favorite TV program after last season’s closer and, now, the opener. Programs have made me cry, programs have made me laugh, but no show has made me cry or laugh as hard as Scrubs. And with this show, it continues. The opening scene where Turk comes back from his honeymoon and they run all over the hospital, and the lessons learned for Turk and Carla and their marriage. It’s just classic.

And my brother used to laugh at me for watching it, the poopy head.

Could someone catch me up? I missed the end of last season…(and apparently, the reruns, and I would have missed the season premiere since (to the best of my knowledge) it wasn’t advertised at all).


John is ecstatic to have Turk back from his honeymoon. They run all over to meet up. Carla sighs, “Maybe he’ll love me that way some day.”

Heather Graham shows up as a psychologist. She causes vapor lock in JD’s brain, and he tells her his name is Johnny. She’s a bit eccentric, and sings with her patient, among other things.

Turk is allowed to pick out the new car after theirs burned, and instead he gets three scooters. Carla allows this with great reluctance. The guys think this is the best thing ever as they ride standing up and around each other.

JD tries to get his patient to participate in PT, but the guy won’t budge. Dr. Cox tells him he’s a real doctor (almost), so he needs to do his own work now and not run for help. Dr. Cox tells the patient to get up or stay bed forever. He tells J.D. that some people are not worth the time to bother with and to concentrate on the ones who will respond to help.

Elliot feels very left out because she doesn’t get a scooter or get invited over any more. Graham tries to make friends, but Elliot needs a push to realize that this is the chance to make good on her lonliness-fixing.

Graham points out to J.D. that his patient is now in PT and that Cox used reverse psychology on him, making him work harder on his patient.

J.D. tells Cox that he figured out the ruse all by himself, and Cox appears ready to finally hug J.D. Of course he’s not really, and tells J.D. that the lessons are not over, because now his mistakes are inexcusable because he’s no longer a resident, and Cox will be known as the guy who trained the idiot doctor.

J.D. rides away on his scooter, trailing a chain. The snap of the chain launches him onto the mysterious X the janitor had painted in the parking lot. The fued is not over, no matter what the janitor told him before.

Bah bah bah bum bum bum bum bummmmmm…

I love Scrubs. I love Heather Graham. I am very happy.

Run away with me?

Oh, that’s just the premier. I don’t follow the show as such.

I’m gonna flub this summary of last season’s closer, but here goes:

Brendan Fraser is back as Cox’s brother in law, being his regular goofy self. A patient of JD’s has complications while Cox is out, and dies. Cox flips out and doesn’t leave the hospital, because he takes the death so hard and because he blames JD. All through the episode, Brendan Fraser is following him around, trying to shake him up and to apologize to JD. And finally Cox agrees to go to the patient’s funeral, and then you find out that it wasn’t just any patient, but that it was Brendan Fraser’s character who died. Cox finally forgived JD at the cemetary. It’s all played like The Sixth Sense, with Cox talking to a dead Brendadn Fraser the entire time. So it was incredibly moving, yet the show was still loaded with the usual wacky humor. I loved it.

Last night I was watching some Ali G that my friend taped. And I got to thinking, “You know, HBO has completely ruined the rest of TV for me. There’s not a single drama I can watch anymore. There’s not a single sit-com I can watch anymore. . .except Scrubs.”

It’s such a great show. And somehow I missed the season finale last year. I think I was out of the country actually.

That first scene with J.D. and Turk was hilarious.

Maybe I should have known JD was ending his residency, but that was lost on me somehow. Anyway, that should give them something to work with this year.

Well, you weren’t paying attention during the Olympics then. They promoted Father of the Pride about 1,393,234 times. About 1/3 of the time, they mentioned that the Scrubs season premiere would be on the same night. Ah well, hopefully Scrubs found some new viewers last night…it took about three years for Seinfeld to find its audience. Hopefully that will lead to NBC not moving the damn show around everywhere on the schedule like they did last year.

That wasn’t last year’s closer, just an episode from fairly late in the season.

In later episodes, Cox had a hard time dealing with Ben’s death. JD continued pining for Elliot, who was making plans to move in with that whale guy she’d been seeing. At the last minute, though, she threw him over for JD. Once he had her, JD realized that he’d only wanted her because he couldn’t have her, and made the announcement that he didn’t love her in the middle of Turk and Carla’s rehearsal dinner. This didn’t go over well, as one might imagine, thus her not wanting to come over if he’s going to be around. Turk was not only late for his own wedding, he missed it altogether, and he and Carla were married after the reception by one of his patients who happened to be a priest.

The Scrubs season opener will be rerun Saturday the 4th at 8:30 pm.

Yeah, CrazyCatLady, that was a good one too.


I really did think that was the season closer, but now that you mention it, I saw the wedding episode too.


It was actually the same patient who made him late for his wedding.

Mmm. Dr. Turkleton.

I can understand why Turk’s residency will take longer (surgery being a more complex specialty) but why wasn’t there a reference to Elliot’s residency ending at the same time as J.D.'s? I thought they were both internists who started their residency at the same time.

I’ve missed a few shows, needless to say.

They’ve shoved a LOT into the season premiere already. Plus Elliot and J.D. aren’t on the greatest terms at the moment.

They’ll probably throw in something about Elliot next week.

Man was last night ever a great night of TV! I watched Father of the Pride and I thought it was really good and caught myself laughing out loud and wondering if I was sick for thinking that the female lion was really hot. Then I watched Scrubs and I laughed so hard my neighbors must think I’m nuts. Then I switched to Comedy Central (which I shouldn’t even have but for a cable man not having the right tools or something) and watched Chappel’s Show. Another great one!

Man, I had like 3 things that I needed to be doing instead, but it was worth it. :cool: