Does anyone else like this show? I’m addicted to it, it’s hilarious. My wife thinks I’ve got issues for watching it more than once, she hates it. Just curious.

I think it’s the best sitcom to come out in the last year or two. I hope the quality of writing stays the same for next season.

“Scrubs” is a toss-up with “Alias” for my favorite new show of last year. I’m glad NBC seems to be giving it the hard sell over the summer, with last night’s Scrubs-a-thon and twice-weekly airings. Maybe people will realize that it’s not just another piece of crap that NBC figures it can stick into a decent time slot and get away with it.

As long as Cox stays hard, I’m there for Season Two.

I, too, like my Cox hard.

Disciple of Alf: :smiley:
The Scrubs-A-Thon last night really sold me on how good of a show it is. I’d watched a bit last season but wasn’t devoted to it. I love the janitor guy.

I think it’s a great show.

I’d seen it once or twice before, and I caught about one and a half episodes yesturday, and I must say, it’s really fucking funny. Kinda makes me wish I didn’t have to work so god damned much. I don’t watch much t.v., but if I managed to squeeze in some new shows, it would definitely be one of the top five.

The creepy stalking janitor thing is really funny as well. Last night’s episode with Brandon Frazier was great when he has the picture of the guy creeping around the lockers. And the little fantasy sequences are something nice. I just hope they don’t start cutting them out the way some other shows have done in the past.

I just started watching it this week and I have to say, I loved all 4 episodes on last night!!!

I’m definately addicted already!

I love this show. It has a great supporting cast. Dr. Cox cracks me up and I love the nurse who doesn’t really say much, but as soon as she opens her mouth, you know it will be hilarious.

I think Scrubs is one of the best shows in a long time. It’s very funny, without being callous. And the lead has that “Wonder Years” protagonist feel that gives the show heart.

Fellow Scrubs lovers!!! And here I thought I was the only one. Question: wasn’t the blonde female doctor on Roseanne as the older daughter?

Scrubs sorta reminds me of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, with the fantasy sequences. I think it’s really good, my only fear is that they will add a bunch of characters, which will ruin it for sure.

Pretty soon they’ll all move into the children’s wing, where every week there will be fifteen unbearably cute children to suck all the life out of the show. :wink:

“If I find a penny in there, I’m coming after you.”

Yup WSLer, you’re right. The actress who is Elliott played Becky on Roseanne after the first Becky. IIRC, she wasn’t that great, and the original Becky came back and replaced her. However, she makes a wonderful Elliott.

Yes!!! There are other Scrubs lovers here! I wanted to start a thread about the marathon yesterday, but the hamsters were extra cranky.

The marathon just reminded me how much I love this show. I hope it can mantain it’s sharp writing and not lose it’s punch like Malcolm In The Middle has lately. Dr. Cox has to be the funniest, and meanest, character on American network TV. If John C. McGinley doesn’t win an Emmy it will be a major mistake.

BTW, my cousin just graduated from med school, and he said some of the wilder things we see on the show aren’t made up, they actually happen. He’s seen the geyser of fluid shoot out of a body like when JD was trying to drain fluid from that woman last night.

“Now show him the bloody side.”

I must admit, i am totally addicted to Scurbs, and when the series ended, my life seemed to come to an end.

Cox must stay hard !!

And the janitor must stay around too !!
“How do you know all this !?!?!?!”
“Im your father. Come to Daddy”

I love Scrubs too. :slight_smile:
I’m almost afraid to admit this since every freakin show I enjoy gets cancelled.

“Scrubs” is not only the best TV show to come along since “The West Wing”, it’s also the best depiction of life in the hospital yet committed to film. If it surprises you that hospital life is best described by a surreal and completely hillarious half-hour sitcom, you haven’t spent much time around the hospital.

I just started the year that J.D. and Elliot just finished–an intern year in internal medicine. They showed the first episode last night during the marathon, including a shot from orientation in which the lawyer guy was giving a lecture about how much the hospital hates lawsuits. I nearly pissed myself–I’m doing orientation this week, and I had that lecture yesterday.

The surgeons are so real it’s scary. I know a dozen surgery residents just like Turk or The Todd, and I can hear any of them saying that they’re going to the Caf to get their donut on.

I can just hope my attendings don’t start calling me “Newbie” or “Agnes”…

Dr. J

This is, without a doubt, one the of the best shows on TV!

I adore this show. I am so glad they are moving it to Thursday next season, so it will get the Friends audience too.

I love poor Elliot the most, because I trip, fall, make an idiot out of myself, and put my foot in my mouth as often as she does.

Watching it on tape now. Great show.