The Scrubs appreciation thread.

Resolved: Scrubs is the funniest show ever.

Seriously, there has never been a show that has made me laugh out loud, harder and longer, than any other show. Closest second would have to be Roseanne, which was another extremely funny show for its time (with the exception of the final season).
In fact, I’ve heard Scrubs final season is bad too, but thankfully, I haven’t reached it yet…I’ve only just reached the end of season 2, actually.

But already I’ve rewatched season one (and most of season 2) twice now. It’s just that good.

Here’s my history with Scrubs (so far):
-I watched season one, episodes one-six.
-Took a couple months break since I loved it SO much that I didn’t want it to end.
-Started watching it again, starting at the first episode. Watched episodes 1-6 again and then finished the season.
-Took about a years break.
-Started watching again, starting again with season one and watching to the middle of season two.
-Took a few months break.
-Watched the rest of season two.
-Took a years break again.
-Starting over with season one and this time I plan to just keep going, watching them all over the next month or two.

But man, I’m seriously going to be sad when I reach the end of this great, amazingly funny, clever, fine series.
I find it’s one of the rare shows I can never grow tired of, even upon watching episodes 2-3 times. It’s also, as far as I can see, one of the consistently funny shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve never laughed as much at any show, movie, book, anything…than I do with Scrubs.
But it’s not only the humor…I find this show matches humor with heartwarming moments PERFECTLY. It’s a very great mix. It’s never so sad or too much of a tearjerker without keeping appropriate humor, yet it doesn’t go overboard with the gags and jokes, seeming to know EXACTLY when to get serious again. This is honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.
I’ve told a few of my friends that I’m only at the start of season three and they all tell me how envious they are at how I’m able to see them for the first time…often saying how they wish they could see a lot of them again for the first time.

So anyway, feel free to profess your love of Scrubs here, but please put spoilers under spoiler tags since I haven’t yet started season 3 yet.

I do love Scrubs, though I would put it a little bit lower than a couple other shows.

Eliot: “Does this makeup make me look like a clown”

Dr. Cox: “No, it makes you look like a whore that caters exclusively to clowns.”

Yep, I just love Scrubs too. That and 30 Rock are the only shows I watch episodes of more than once. The only things I don’t like about it are the slapstick humor and the potty humor. I just don’t find those funny. Other than that I think it’s hilarious, and it’s made me cry a bunch of times too.

JD and Turk are really good friends IRL to this day, which I love, and Eliot is friends with them too.

What I don’t get is why Scrubs thinks Grey’s Anatomy copied it. Just about everyone on Scrubs is likeable and funny and everyone on Grey’s is incredibly annoying. The shows are absolutely nothing alike.

They do? I’m not doubting you (I don’t read the Hollywood gossip rags), I’m just surprised for the same reason you are – Grey’s Anatomy always struck me as just another by-the-numbers medical drama like a bajillion before it and certainly a bajillion more yet to come.

Scrubs was one of the better shows for a long time, and the only series to ever do a musical that I can watch (and have watched) more than once.

Guy Love

Yeah, they even pointedly made fun of it on the show once, how Grey’s was “like someone put our lives on TV…” or something along those lines. I forget where I first heard that some people consider Grey’s copycats of Scrubs, but it’s true.

It is true though that Grey’s had George nicknamed Bambi, just like Carla called JD, and both shows do voiceovers at the end. Other than that, they’re both just about young doctors who all bone each other, but the “personalities” of the shows couldn’t be more different. No one on Grey’s even seems to have a sense of humor.

Fellow Scrubs lover here. I’m in the middle of season 2, watching on Netflix.

I thought I read somewhere that actual doctors felt that Scrubs was more accurate than Grey’s Anatomy.

Does anyone else recall hearing that? Maybe I’m just crazy, that could be too. :wink:

'Twas a great show. I’d watch it again, for the most part. I agree with Blackberry about the potty humor and slapstick. I’d be fine without that. But the humor level was consistently high.

A few of the running jokes got stale near the end, but not enough to make me not want to watch.

I love Scrubs! One of my favorite shows ever. I rewatch on Netflix but sometimes find it frustrating because A LOT of the music is changed and this was a show where the music was used wonderfully (even the DVDs have changed music but not as much as Netflix).

They actually did an episode that consisted entirely of running jokes. Well, a lot of shows do that, but they did it on purpose.

Yes, I have read (I think in more than one place) that actual hospital doctors say that Scrubs is the most realistic of all the medical shows (not just Grey’s).

I guess that “floating head doctor” thing really happens. :cool:

Of course, this could have been the result of a survey of maybe two, or three, actual doctors.

Just the other day I was right about something and performed the entire Elliot “I told you so” dance for my husband!

But yeah, just stop when you get to the end of season 6. There was a writer’s strike, a switch to ABC, and a distressing attempt to resurrect the story with J.D. as a teacher. It just didn’t work.

(Maybe someone put a penny in it.)

Yeah, the general agreement is that it’s not the most medically-accurate (that award tends to go to ER) but it best captures the feeling of being a doctor. And the more over-the-top they got, the more emotionally-accurate it was. Like the rounds scene in the very first episode–I watched that scene thinking “Yep, that’s exactly how DoctorJ describes it.”

Wait until you get to Season 3, episode 14, “My Screw Up.”

If it weren’t for the incredible world building, the tight writing, and the constant call-backs that made Scrubs such a wonderful show, this one would have fallen very flat. As it is, though, my goodness…what an episode.

My nephew, who was in his residency then, said exactly that. It was a documentary in his opinion.

Another thing…isn’t the kid who plays Jack as a toddler just adorable? I love that kid.

The kid’s best line: Up yours, Bobbo! Cox: Outstanding! :smiley: