Am I the only one who watches Scrubs?

Every time I see this show I fall more and more in love with it. 10/17 was very good, with Eliot learning about true compassion. I love Dr. Cox. He’s so brutal, but he has a heart of gold and every once in awhile he shows that he really loves his interns.

The janitor cracks me up too. It’s a wonderful show and I’m glad it’s in the post-Friends spot.

Yeah, good show. Very funny. Love the janitor.

Alas, I can’t watch it anymore, because I have a horrible job in a hospital, and the show reminds me of work. Hope the rest of you keep watching, though, because it deserves to stay on the air.

I love it and I’d be willing to put it as one of my three favorite TV shows (and believe me, if you know me, it’s a big deal).

It’s got a whole bunch of truely interesting and very different characters who interact well with each other - all of which the show can’t liive without. In that sense it’s a lot like seinfeld. I hope that makes some sort of sense, either way, I love it.

I love this show, and am also glad it’s now in a high-vis spot.

I think, after watching it right after Friends for the past few weeks, that it’s actually better than Friends. I’m sure it’ll get more popular this year.

The season premier left me pretty disappointed, by which I mean, it just wasn’t very funny. It’s gotten better, but it still seems to me that it’s missing a bit of its “edge.” Perhaps one of the first season writers left?

I keep forgetting when it’s coming on, but I’ve loved every episode I’ve seen. Someone needs to remind me when it’s on!!

I really enjoy this show too. My only “must-see” sitcom. Thursday at 7:30 FCM. I guess you don’t watch Friends, that’s very understandable. I empathize with Kn*ckers, I used to work in a hospital, so I find it twice as funny. You just need a little distance.

Love it, love it. My Dh and I don’t agree on everything, but we agree on this gem.

What a great show.

I think I love Dr. Cox though, what does that say about me?

Yeah, ** Lao ** - it’s one of those “Someday, I’ll look back on this and laugh” situations. Scrubs really catches the atmosphere and insanity of a hospital - I find it much more realistic than something like ER…

I like it a lot. Truly snappy dialogue, things that make me laugh out loud, and better treatment of real medical issues – like how a doctor deals with losing a patient – than I’ve seen in a lot of hour-long dramas. Generally tight writing.

My brother and his wife watch it just to laugh about how dumb my wife and I are to enjoy it so much.

The janitor is my favorite by far, but the show is full of great characters. And I think that’s the strong point in the show, rather than the silliness (which is why my brother doesn’t like it; he says it’s trying to hard. Whatever, I laugh my ass off).

I only get to watch occasionally, but I love it! My favorite episode so far is the “Coffee Nurse” episode. Dr. Cox cracks me up!

Love the show. Is it just me, or is the janitor the hottest man alive?

I think Dr. Cox is hot. I want him to sit around with no shirt on and insult me.


Assuming you are in the Eastern Time Zone part of Florida, Scrubs is on Thursday nights at 8:30 PM, right after Friends.

Word is that NBC is grooming Scrubs to take over the 8:00 PM Thursday night timeslot next season.

As for the show not being as funny as last year, there was an article in the TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly where the producers said that they were going to cut back on the special effects part of the show, as they felt they pushed that too much last season.

*Scrubs *is one of the 4 shows that I must watch or my life is incomplete, the other 3 being The Simpsons, ER, Futurama.

I’ve adopted Scrubs to my list of favorites that I have to tape if I’m not home to see… My favorite part about the show is the use of music. Twice now, this season, they have used obscure hits from the 80’s and used the same song throughout the show, which made me happy. Because, of course, I was singing those songs all day the next day. Once they used, “Respect” by Erasure and recently – I think two episodes ago – they actually had Colin Hay (Formerly of Men at Work) singing “Overkill” acoustically – in every single scene. Comedic genius.

I really enjoy this show as well, but the janitor does nothing for me…just another wacky, off-the-wall character. Sometimes they work for me (Kramer, Reverend Jim), sometimes they don’t (anytime Exedor appeared on “Mork and Mindy,” the show’s momentum came to a screeching halt and the nun character on “Good Morning Miami” is excrutiating)

It is a very funny show. I try to watch it always. I love how they promised the last … what was it, 30 seconds were going to change everything. And they delivered. Great!

Remember that Friends largely took off because it received the same spot after Seinfeld. I look forward to many years of Scrubs. I hope they can keep it up.

The Janitor is mean to Newbie for a reason. On the first day Bambi stuck a penny (or was it a paperclip) into a door top and left him with a lot of work the first day. But he also is one of my least favorite characters on the show.

Did J.D (a.k.a. Bambi, Newbie, Kimberly, etc…) really stick a penny in the door? I thought that he was just suggesting that a penny might be the problem, and the janitor just decided to torture him. And then in the episode with the new interns, the janitor finds a similar J.D-esque intern that suggests it might be a paperclip in the door to pick on.

I really like the odd characters on the show and I feel that they aren’t on long enough to become grating. I think my favorites are the lawyer’s a cappella group that sings cartoon and sitcom theme songs. Also, love the Todd. I love how Turk finds the perfect solution in the 10/17 episode by sending him to Mexico with Kelso. The look on Kelso’s face was priceless. In fact, the whole cast is awesome.

Oh, and can anyone tell me what exactly happened in the last 30 seconds of the season finale? I know that Dr. Cox’s ex-wife disclosed a lot of secrets (that she slept with J.D. and that Dr. Cox is in love with Carla), but I missed some of it.

Well, in every single scene until Cox smashed his guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:
I also love the music they use for this show. I found myself singing “Overkill” for 2 or 3 days after that episode.

Count me in with the Scrubs fans!

I like that it’s not filmed on a soundstage in front of an audience. It just wouldn’t be the same.