Only just started watching it, but it is now my 2nd favourite series ever. In case you were wondering Oz is my first.

I have not laughed like this at a series before, not at Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama. Never.

Thank you Mr. maker of Scrubs guy.

Or Mrs.

Oh, and I’m starting to love Dr. Cox. (sp?)

Bill Lawrence is the creator of Scrubs. Did you just get season 1 on DVD, or what? I keep meaning to pick that up–I never watched it until this past season, and became a huge fan. If you like Scrubs, you should check out Garden State, the movie that Zach Braff (J.D.) wrote, directed, and starred in, and another sitcom with its first season on DVD, Arrested Development, which is very similar to Scrubs in tone, style, and humor.

The guy behind Scrubs is Bill Lawrence, who also produced Spin City. To my mind, scrubs is much better. According to TV Tome, he’s married to Christa Miller, who plays Jordan.
If you actually want to thank him, you can find his contact info on this site.

Dr. Cox is played by John C. McGinley, who is, in fact, awesome.

Then he is also a lucky, lucky bastard, as she is really hot.

In Season 3, see began getting credited as Christa Miller Lawrence.

She is indeed hot.

As for the show, it is my absolute favorite. I just netflixed the first season and was surprised to learn that I had missed several of the episodes.

Turk and JD have the best chemistry between two characters I have ever seen. I believe they have been friends for over ten years!

It should be due for syndication this fall (there are only 93 episodes, but usually after 4 seasons we get the show…), so I’ll get to fill in the gaps that I missed in season two!

I hope they get some Emmy nods. Especially for writing and best comedy.

Unfortunately, it’s not on NBC’s fall schedule (or so I’ve heard); it’s scheduled for midseason. What exactly does NBC have against this show? Between its numerous pre-emptions and multiple time slot changes, it almost seems that the network is intentionally trying to kill it! WTF?

Maybe it’s just me, but I find Arrested Development much funnier than Scrubs. Arrested Development makes me laugh, while Scrubs just makes me smile.

Oh, I agree that Arrested is funnier than Scrubs. It’s the best show ever! But Scrubs is definitely the second-funniest sitcom out there.

Has he ever turned in a substandard performance? He is just about the best character actor working today. I find Scrubs watchable on that basis alone. Agreed, not quite as good as Arrested Development but still quite good.

I picked up Season 1 a couple weeks ago, and watched all 24 episodes since then. God, I love the creativity of this show! (I literally got goose bumps watching the “Underdog” sequence again.)

He really is the soul of the show. From the very first episode where JD thinks Kelso is a saint but, soon realizes that the gruff Cox is the real good guy at the hospital, Cox is always in involved in the powerful moments.

He helps Scrubs be a good drama as well as a good comedy.

BUT, for several episodes in the third season, I thought he went a little overboard on his mannerisms and quirky way of speaking.

I was glad to see he pulled it in a bit…

I’ve also heard it’s a mid-season replacement.

My theory is that there is a network honcho who dearly loves the show and doesn’t want it to fail. Like Arrested Development, it will never be popular and get huge ratings. So last season it was pulled from sweeps month entirely. This season, it ended on the 11th of sweeps month. Next season it will miss early sweeps altogether. Since there is virtually no sweeps data regarding Scrubs, it would be unlikely for it to be cancelled due to lack of ratings. (If there were any sweeps data, I have no doubt it would fare terribly and appear to be begging for a cancellation.)

That’s my theory, anyway.

Scrubs was picked up for two seasons before last year. So it was guaranteed to come back.

There have been rumors that the delay is to accomodate Braff’s movie schedule, but that sounds like spin to me.

We’ll get at least 18 more episodes out of this series.

That will put it at about 115. I could live with 115 episodes…

Actually, it would take the standard 22 episodes to get to 115.

Damn you, Kitchen MATH!

I love Scrubs, it’s by far my favourite sitcom of the moment.

I want to be Dr Cox. Bitter, twisted and having the perfect insult for everyone I met. That would be wa-a-a-a-a-ay cool. And I could hang out with any one of the female stars there. Not fussy which one. :slight_smile:

Fine. You get to hang out with Nurse Roberts! :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind. Actually hanging out any of the characters would be fun in one way or another.

Apart from The Todd.

I’d only really caught a handful of episodes of this show (a huge DAMN YOU! to whoever decided to put this on opposite The Amazing Race), but liked it enough to give the season one dvd’s a fair shot. Hilarious! I’m a full-time watcher from now on.

Heeeeeey I like The Todd!

Time for the Klintypooh to get his appreciation on. :slight_smile:

Did I manage it?