Scrubsville - Open Spoilers [Edited Title]

So JD and the girl he knocked up are (or were) actually considering abortion. When was the last time this happened-- or the word was uttered-- on a primetime show? And if it was considered, did the characters go through with it? And if they did, did they live to regret it forever?

The only instance I can recall is Sex and the City, and Miranda kept the baby (though other characters recalled having had abortions in the past in a remarkably realistic way-- Carrie wondered about the guy who impregnated her, but knew she couldn’t have had a baby at that time in her life. Hell, I don’t think her character would ever make a responsible mother).

There was a Very Special Episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 all about one of the brats thinking about having an abortion. And one of their mom’s makes the Stunning Revelation that she had one.

I’m really embarrassed for remembering that.

I think Maude had an abortion, way back the Jurassic era (1970s)

I thought the a-word was “appletini”.

Does Degrassi High count? (the old show, not the crappy new one - the old one was crappy too but it was the type of crap you can root for)

Without doing any real research, there was a set of twins and one of them got pregnant. They actually went through with an abortion. This was way back in 1989 too.

This website states that it was indeed Maude that first addressed the topic.

Having said that, I wouldn’t have minded a spoiler alert, considering the thing is only a week or two old.

See the extended discussion of abortion scenes or mentions that we’re having in the Studio 60 thread.

After that episode, when half the cast admitted to it, I turned off SEX AND THE CITY, having lost all interest. Sorry, but that issue’s just a deal-breaker for me.

And yes, I have no problem watching THE SOPRANOS or stuff like that, since people aren’t marching in the streets demanding the right to murder snitches or wear 1965-style clothing.

I was sooo glad when Kim and JD decided to give the kid a chance.

I was too, except that it looked like “Oh, new baby, how cute!” was the deciding factor.

I think they both wanted the baby all along, but neither of them wanted to be the first to say so. How long have they known each other? I haven’t watched for awhile. Why did JD say they’d never really had sex? Were they both drunk or something?

He uh, came, before anything happened in the general region where said anything normally occurs.

I believe he referred to it as a “friendly fire” incident.

And if I remember correctly, it was originally aired on Mother’s Day, causing something of a stir.

I also think they dismissed adoption rather friviously. It is a valid option, and it was tossed aside with a lame joke about an older JD hitting on his adult bio-daughter in a bar.

Jack is still cute as a button, though, and I want to pinch his cheeks off.

Turk came through, bless his heart. I could totally see him dragging the ice machine into the OR. I did find the transition from NICU to Proud Papa showing off baby in the waiting room rather abrupt. I don’t think maternity would have let a newborn, especially one just out of NICU, out of the nursery.

And “Isabella?” :dubious:



The title of this thread is a spoiler for those of us who haven’t watched the episode yet. Just saying…

On Six Feet Under, Claire had an abortion and didn’t make a really big deal out of it. (I mean, she was upset, but we didn’t have a Very Special Episode.)

I changed the title of the thread to rid it of the spoiler, Cat Fight.

I just watched Scrubs last night because my usual stuff was in reruns. Has the “appletini” couple been dating long? I, too, was annoyed by the sudden decision based on how cute their buddy’s baby was. It just didn’t seem realistic for two mature people to make the leap based on “adorable.”

JD got Kim pregnant on their first date, as I recall. What a great foundation for a family. I guess it’s like doctors who smoke…

(sorry about the spoiler-- I didn’t think the one word/term coming up in the episode would spoil anything, since it’s still sort of up in the air. Maybe for people who didn’t know she was pregnant at all…)

I didn’t get the feeling that they decided to have the baby because of how cute Turk and Carla’s baby was. I got from it that they saw how happy and proud Turk was about his new daughter, and that having a baby was something very special. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how I interpreted it.