Scut Farkas - hottie!

I’m vaguely disturbed with myself that I find that the bully from “A Christmas Story” , Scut Farkas, is now (at least in my opinion) hot:

Anyone with any similar guilty confessions?


I’m fifty, and should leave off thinking about the hotness of younger guys.

But I confess that I find scruffy youngsters like Jude Law and Dominic Monaghan uber-sexy. Knock it off, libido! It’s embarrassing!

Oh, and Scut is definitely up there - thanks for the tipoff. Mmmm-mm.

Is it just me, or does he look an awful lot like Danny Bonaduce?

Oh honey, that’s nothing.

Try watching the new Harry Potter trailer and not feeling like Mrs. Robinson. Daniel Radcliffe has seriously turned the bend from “what a cutie” to “Hottie!” My son is ashamed of me. I’m ashamed of me. I need to go wash.

That’s the stupidest name I have ever seen.

Scut never got me going, but that lamp, well, um…

So you have a thing for guys with yellow eyes, big deal. ;>

Yeah, well, so has Emma Watson. :o

God, someone slap me! :smack:

See now, and all this time I thought his name was Scott Farkus. And yes, he did turn out quite well, didn’t he?

In “A Christmas Story,” not so much. I’m not that into green teeth. But that IMDB link you gave, uh…yeah! Mmmm.

Scut Farkas is hot as hail. He was my main reason for watching Titus.

Course, I meant Zack Ward; I hadn’t remembered his name, just quoting from the OP.

I mean come on.