SD Chat: What's That?

What is “SD Chat”? Does it still exist?

If you don’t know wht I’m talking about, then check out the Original Post of this thread:
Thanks for your attention, and for any hope you may be able to give.


It is a chat “room” that has absolutely nothing to do with The Straight Dope. I have never been there. I don’t even know how to get there. (I don’t go to chat rooms.)

I am sure that someone else here can give you proper directions to the place if you want to go there.

help you may be able to give”
Not hope. How did that happen?

Using mIRC or any other chat program, log on to any Undernet server. Then, search for the #straightdope channel.

Have fun.

The #straightdope chat room is in no way affiliated with The Straight Dope or the Chicago Reader.

Thank you. That would seem to be the answer, even though I don’t know what mIRC or Undernet are.

Thanks for the help, wolfStu.

mIRC is to IRC what Internet Explorer 5 is to the World Wide Web, a client that allows you to interact with part of the Internet. It is free to download and trial for 30 days and costs $20 US to register thereafter.
Undernet is an organisation that provides the IRC equivalent to a web server host (Think geocities). #Straightdope is the equivalent to a site hosted on these servers.
OK I have simplified a few concepts in there but the links provided should clarify any questions you have.