SDMB 2012 Postcard Exchange: Final Round!

Hi, all - here’s the thread for the final round.

As discussed in the previous thread, deadline for sign-up will be September 15. I’ll send out the new recipients by pm shortly thereafter.

Hey, I bought extra postcards for the last round, so I’m in. :slight_smile:

I’m in. Maybe this time I’ll be able to find something from Angola! Failing that it might be airports of the world again.

I’m in, but I think the people who didn’t send their cards last time should not be allowed to participate. I didn’t receive all of my cards and it sucks to quickly send mine out on time and have someone else send nothing.

Count me in.

This round will be random works of art on postcards I found in antique shops locally.

I’m in. I have a plethora of odd cards to choose from this time.

Yes please. I bought some appropriately winter-themed cards while I was skiing. Not that they’re really appropriate now though, because spring has well and truly arrived.

I’m in for round [del]two[/del] three. I’m a little behind… island time and all.

I am in - though cards might come from whatever hotel I am at over the next week or three.

I’m sorry, I can’t participate this time as I’m on holiday…

I am in!

I’m in as well. Yay!

Count me in!

I’ll join in for this round.

Me too.

A newbie coming in for this round

Please add me to the list.

I received another card today from **Tapioca Dextrin **about penguins. Thank you.

Wait! I’m in. I forgot I bought extra cards last time. Thanks!

And I’ve tracked down some Angolan cards. I decided not to buy the [del]naked lady[/del] ethnographic ones, though.

I’m in, please!