SDMB 2012 Postcard Exchange: Final Round!

Where do I send my address if I want to be in?

Send me a pm - click on my profile and then “contact” and them the pm option (not e-mail).

I am SO in, mister! :slight_smile:

Will be waiting for the addresses!

Ok, I know it’s the 16th…but can you squeeze me in?

And me?

Sure - I’ve just got back and was going to try to send out the pm’s tonight.

That would be good. I have to go to the post office this afternoon anyway to send a package. I can add my cards to the pile.

Didn’t get the addresses out last night - real life intervened. Hope to do so tonight - sorry for the delay.

Whaaa? I MISSED THE SIGN-UP?!?!?!?!?!? :eek: :smack:

Please show me some mercy & let me sign up two days late!!!

Pleeeez ???

Just heard about this via a PM. If there’s room, I’m in.

You can be vice president of my Grumpy Doper “Send Your Damn Postcards or Get the Hell Out” Club.

Not a problem - that real life thing keeps getting in the way of me sending out the addresses. May be able to do it tonight.

My cards might be a bit late in getting out - they are currently in Luanda, while I am 200 miles off the coast. They will get through somehow though.

Are we still a go? No pressure, I know life is busy. Just wondering. :slight_smile:

Yahoo! I just finished sending out pm’s (and e-mail to Atomic Mama) with the addresses for the final round!

Sorry for the delay everyone - was on the road last week and had to catch up on some things.

How about everyone gets their cards in the mail by Monday, October 1? And please remember to post here when you’ve posted your cards, and also when you receive them.

Oh, and one housekeeping matter - once this round is over, I will be deleting all my pm’s, e-mails and my address grid - I won’t be keeping everyone’s personal contact info.

We send to all three names, right?

That’s right - and then in the fullness of time, you’ll get cards from three different Dopers, scattered around the globe!

Cards addressed.

As soon as I get some stamps these are outta here.

I posted my cards on the way to mass this morning.

Grr. I bought extra cards last round and can’t find them at all. I’ll have to buy more (and then the other ones will turn right up).