SDMB 2012 Postcard Exchange: Final Round!

It’s the way life works. :slight_smile:

Got my names 9/22 … will get cooooool (I hope) cards Monday & send them out.

In the meantime, the wonderful USPS LOST my giftie to a friend I hadn’t seen in 45+ :eek: years. :frowning: And I sent it via PRIORITY MAIL. Is nothing sacred??? :mad:

Let’s hope my lil’ postcards fare better.

Made out and addressed, will post on the morrow.

I’d have no objection to your keeping it. Might save you some work later (unless you are well and truly done with being our hard-working postcard impresario).

My three postcards are written and stamped, and will go out in tomorrow’s mail.

Ok, my cards went out today. Thanks for organizing all of this, Northern Piper!

Mine went out at lunchtime. Yay! Thanks, NP!

Mine are going out at lunch. One’s traveling to Australia from Canada so it has to make a long journey!

Yeah! NY to Australia here! I refrained from making a grumbly comment about the weather even (it’s getting cold around here).

Heh, me too.

Because I live in Edmonton I can really say “Winter is Coming…”

All three cards posted today

Two domestic & one exported.

All cards in the mails, and one received from Northern Piper! A beautiful card of what I can only assume is a Canadian mansion of some sort, belonging to one of the elite of Yellowknife.

All three of mine went out in today’s mail. Two to U.S. addresses, one not.

Ah yes, you got the crippled bootlegger one!

I’ve been wondering when they would start trickling in down south - there’s only one road from Yellowknife to points south, and I think the post goes out by truck, not by plane. I was home before the cards I sent to the Piper Cub and Mrs Piper arrived.

Oh, I’ll probably do it again next year. It’s not like I’m operating on HIPPA standards or anything, but I think it’s best not to keep personal contact info kicking around once the purpose for which I received it has been accomplished.

Mine are all ready for the mailman tomorrow morning.

Checked the mail lateast night and found my bonus card from Northern Piper !

Awesome aurora pic !

Was a bit out of the internets for a while, and only recently got around to checking my PM inbox. Got the addresses, and have put my 3 postcards in the mail.

Hope they will reach their destinations soon! :slight_smile:

I got a bonus postcard from Northern Piper! :slight_smile:

A lovely winter ptarmigan (which is still on my list of birds to see irl).

Thank you, it was an unexpected surprise!

Got my cards into the mail today (Tues.). FINALLY! :dubious: (Annoyed with self for delay.)

Got my first card yesterday :smiley:

From Northern Piper … a beautiful photo of some remote parts of the Canadian Subarctic NWT.

Ya know, I really like Canada. I’ve enjoyed my trips thru various parts, and hope to get back to the GREAT BIG CITY of Toronto next spring. I miss Alaska & the Yukon.

And I have SO enjoyed the Postcard Exchange(s). Thanks to all. Let’s all do it again …

That was the Piper Bonus Round card - I was feeling guilty about how long it was taking to get Round 3 going, because of my road trip. Plus time on my hands in Yellowknife…

Glad you’re all liking them!