SDMB Ark: Survival Evolved server

It’s the best survival MMO that I know of. It has a strong PvE component lacking from games like Rust which I think really works for it. All these games are grindy since otherwise you’d be done with them in a couple days but, at the time, I thought it handled the grind fairly well and you could progress pretty quick in the beginning and tame dinosaurs to help you later on (collecting wood is a lot easier with a mastodon to knock over trees). The official server settings are balanced around entire tribes though so a single person who wants to tame a dinosaur is punished by insane taming times. Most unofficial servers tweak this considerably. You want taming your dinosaur to be an accomplishment but not a full-time job.

The PvP part varies from server to server but, yeah, people coming by and kicking over your house is part of this genre. I suppose it’s a “feature”, not a bug but it can be a feature hard to appreciate if you’re not playing 24/7 to protect your stuff. Or in a tribe that can protect your stuff. Servers can suffer from overpopulation and land/resource shortages.

I don’t necessarily care for the direction it’s gone, with the emphasis on guns and technology and armored dinosaurs with lasers, etc. The most fun I had in the game was the early “caveman” stages. There’s “primitive” servers that cap out with stone but the game isn’t really balanced around them. That’s just a personal thing, though – maybe you think dinosaurs with lasers are so awesome that someone would be dumb to prefer spears and axes.

Last time I thought about playing, I looked and they had added a million new critters and made it much more complicated with all these new animals needing/producing different resources versus the old days of just beating a dinosaur unconscious with a stick and then shoving narcotics down its through until it loves you. Again, I understand why they added complexity to it and a new player starting from scratch may be less likely to be overwhelmed since you’re not relearning old habits.

The developers took a bit of (IMO, deserved) flack for releasing paid DLC while the game is still in Early Access with a lot of bugs and optimization issues.

Thank you, Jophiel. I appreciate the response. If I do get the game, I will try the SD server.

Is this still the name? Can’t find it, but I do see “Newbie Friendly 4X ALLPVPVE, Structures+”

Is that us?

That’s the right one. I removed the date from the name as it became less relevant. And if you favorite the server it’ll stay on your favorites regardless of name changes.

Well, I may not be joining you. I refuse to install BattlEye.

Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with that either.

Any hints as to what to do at night, besides log off? I have fun during the day, but it seems night happens and all I can do is huddle next to a fire lest I freeze to death. Dull. What am I doing wrong?

Get to work making clothes. Cloth will help in the warm beach areas but you’ll want hide as you move inland. Carrying a torch will provide some traveling warmth.

Also, Fortitude provides climate protection. It’s not as sexy as more hitpoints or melee damage but it’s quietly game changing. You’ll eventually need it to explore Arctic zones where even fur armor won’t help for long if you don’t have a good fortitude score. Even a couple points will make you largely immune from shifts in beach temperatures with only minimal gear.

I started playing over the weekend, after I figure out some things, I intend to join your server. First thing I need to figure out is how to get food. I killed a Dodo but I can’t figure out how to eat it. And how to start a fire, the torch has flames but the campfire doesn’t.

We ended up letting it expire a few weeks ago - a bunch of us played quite a bit for a few months, but we got to the point where there wasn’t much left we hadn’t done and interest fell away. We might put it back up in the future when there’s new stuff to do, but no plans. Good luck finding a good server.

:frowning: now I has a sad. Still, I spent money so I have to play :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, the game looks like it’ll be fun. I get to ride a dinosaur! Plus, it’s mod friendly so, sooner or later, Godzilla is gonna appear.

Sorry about that, I should’ve made an announcement to the thread but it didn’t occur to me at the time since the thread hadn’t been active in like a month.

Not your fault that I have to hem and haw over every purchase, I’d been looking at for a while anyway but my Steam backlog is atrocious.

Instead of studying I spent the weekend playing Robinson Crusoe. This game is addictive, surprisingly, since it’s a lot of grinding.

The fricking environment is insane! I can’t believe how many I’ve frozen after seeing a branch or shadow move in my peripheral vision.

I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with live players but I’m loving the solo. I just blew everything away to start a new game, a miscalculation laying a stone foundation and a fit of pique!