SDMB Steam user community

We had a thread for this but it’s two years old. With the upcoming black friday and Christmas sales, I figured it’d be a good time to familiarize new people with our steam community.

We have an SDMB Steam Community open to everyone. This lets you see what games other SDMBers are playing (and join them), communicate with people, schedule events, etc.

The group has about 130 members currently, although I’d guess that only 30 or 40 of us regularly play games with each other. That’s still quite a community though, and often we’re able to fill multiplayer games up with decent upstanding SDMB folk without having to let in filthy, unwashed public players into our games.

It’s not a big deal if you’re a novice gamer or anything like that - we try to accomodate a wide range of skill levels, teach people as we play, and just try to balance teams to keep things close and fun.

The game we play most together would be Left 4 Dead 2, but there are a variety of games we play occasionally. We just filled up a game of Dirt 2 tonight for the first time in a while. When NFS Hot Pursuit comes to a decent sale price somewhere, I’d imagine we’ll be playing that too. We played some Lead and Gold and Company of Heroes over the weekend. In the past we’ve played Borderlands, HL2DM, Killing Floor, Titan Quest, and I’m probably forgetting some.

Often when some game is excessively cheap on a steam sale a bunch of people will buy it up and play it for a while, as in the case of $2 Flatout UC, the $5 introversion pack which included Defcon, the $5 bloody good time, the $1.50 dogfighter etc.

Steam runs huge sales on black Friday and between Christmas and New Years that often feature games at 75%+ off. I’m hoping to get people to get some new games that we can play together. For instance the new Worms game looks fun and might be $5-7.50 during the sale and I think that’d work well for our group. I want to try to start organizing multiplayer games of Civ 5. Not sure what else yet - depends on what pops up during the sales.

I’ve been trying to use the group scheduling feature lately to schedule games that we haven’t played much to diversify our gaming.

Anyway, anyone can join our SDMB group. You’ll be able to see other people in the group and what they’re playing. You can’t, however, unfortunately, get a list of which people in the group have a certain game, like you can do on your friends list. I organize most of the bigger games, and if I happen to see you playing a game we’re going to play, I’ll invite you - but I may not know you have the game since I can’t remember the game list of all 130+ people. You can solve this by adding me to your friends list (senorbeef) and telling me what you’re interested in playing with us, that way I’ll know when to invite you. Or just send me a message via the group.

I’ll create a thread to cover just the black friday steam sales since they’ll be worthy of their own discussion and that’s when I suspect the group will grow.

Feel free to post anything here - what games you’re looking for people to play with, what we should schedule to play together, general gaming chatter, whatever.

I want to second this. I’m still fairly new to L4D2 and I suck horribly, but the group does a very good job of teaching you the game and keeping this fun. I’m sloooooowwwllllyyy getting better, so I’m not as much as a drag on the team.

Usually the teams are balanced in such a way that I’m still able to learn and get better while actually playing. No way I’d be able to learn if I go to an open, public server.

Cool, I just joined the group. My Steam name is Fuzzy Dunlop…I know there’s a poster here by that name, but we’re not the same. Just both Wire fans, I suppose.

If it’s as lively as the SDMB Xbox Live community turned out to be, all I can say is STRAP YOURSELF IN so you don’t hit your head when you nod off and slide out of your chair.

Did you miss the part of the OP where I said about 30 of us game together pretty regularly? Several times a week. As far as I know the xbox thing fizzled out (xbox live doesn’t really do communities well - having an account to store a friends list so you can view friends of friends is awkward) but our group is active.

There are people in our group uninterested in playing with others, which makes me wonder why they’re there - I’ve seen people playing a game we’re playing, invited them, and got no response - but a large number of us are active and friend. I played in a 7 man SDMB dirt 2 game last night while I saw a few others playing l4d2 together. I feel like playing l4d2 versus tonight, and I have no doubt I can fill it with 8 SDMBers. Join yourself, if you’d like.

The only way you’d end up not playing anything with us is if you kept to yourself entirely. I’ll generally try to keep an eye on who’s playing what in the group, but often I can fill a game up right with people I already know, so if people don’t specifically send me a message saying what they’d like to play, I won’t think about inviting them. And I can’t keep track of which 100+ members have what game unless I manually look. So talk to me or others you see playing games you’d like to play.

I’m only there for the SDMB-discount on hookers and blow.

I signed up to the group, although so far I’ve only used Steam for the free Portal download.

Well I’ve tried to invite you to stuff, but the only game you’ve ever played in your entire life is TF2… endlessly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiplayer Portal would blow my mind.


I haven’t been on in a while since my gaming rig fried the motherboard. Once I get a new one I’ll be back.

What games get the most SDMB players on at once?

Not to step on Beef’s toes but I’ve seen that we get a lot, usually, for Left 4 Dead 2 and Bloody Good Time.

Yeah, L4D2 is the main game. BGT has been something I’ve been trying to get going lately because it was just released 2 weeks ago, it’s only $5, and it’s a game that fits our players because it’s more about clever tactics than twitch FPS skill. But it’ll probably fade away when some other cheap game comes out that we’ll play. This happened with Flatout: UC and Defcon a few months ago - although I do want to play those more. We played quite a bit until I was out of town for 2 months and people weren’t forming games up in my absense so they faded away.

So L4D2 is the constant that we play at least once or twice a week every week, and other we’ll rotate other games in when there’s an interest. I suspect with the upcoming sales, there will be unbeatable deals that 15+ of us will get and we can start playing those new games.

Edit: I usually get the ball rolling for the big gatherings (spontaneous small ones form on their own), but if anyone wants to try to schedule a big game of something I don’t have or don’t play, just tell me and I can use the group scheduling feature to announce it.

I think Dogfighter has a lot of group multiplayer potential, especially if we can all get into a voice chat at the same time (no idea if the game has its own). Anyone who hasn’t grabbed that, should. It’s crazy cheap and fun if you liked flying jets in BF1942 or Pilotwings or what-not.

I have that game and have yet to play it. We should definitely see about doing a DogFighter game or two. Maybe this weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is true I admit, but if it makes you feel better I now work full time starting in afternoon and ending about 30 minutes ago. So my gaming time has been drastically reduced.

When you think about it, that shouldn’t make you feel better actually because in what free time I will have on the weekends, I’ll need to get my TF2 fix. :wink:

I’m in the group but have yet to get into one of the group games; this may well be due to the fact that I have neither L4D2 nor BGT.

I do, however, have Borderlands (with Knoxx and Claptrap) should someone be looking for backup in exploring Pandora.

I’m “kmatheny” in both Steam and Gamespy.

I just bought Bloody Good Time, and hey - that’s fun! I suck at it, but it’s fun!

Well, I’ve now actually downloaded something besides Portal from steam… and of course it’s Dragon Age, so I still don’t have any multiplayer games. :stuck_out_tongue:

The steam black friday sale is on, with an emphasis on selling games in big packs. Depending on what’s on sale over the next few days we might organize some group buys so keep an eye on the thread.

Covered_In_Bees, if you’re online any time during 10 am - 9 pm EST, I’m a TF2-only Doper too. My steam handle is dotchan, with my online handle prominently displaying the proud [SDMB] tag.

(Not that I have against any of those other games, but TF2 is my main addiction right now and the only FPS I’m any good at.)