SDMB PC multiplayer gaming

It’s about time for a new thread to organize the PC gamers on the SDMB to get together for multiplayer games. We’ve been had an active group of SDMB gamers for quite a few years now, and while we still have probably about 12 active regulars, and another 20 people who occasionally show up depending on the game, we haven’t had much in the way of new blood in a while.

But we’ve been more active lately with a lot of new games we’ve been playing, and we’re about to hit the Christmas break, which means both big sales and lots of free time to game.

We primarily organize games through steam, we’ve got an SDMB group. It has 245 members, although I think probably 150 of them have never participated in any of our group games, which is too bad. Maybe I can recruit some of those people to be more active.

I try to organize regular SDMB games, but feel free to use the thread to find people to play with if you’re interested in something that we’re not really playing. Make a link to your steam profile like mine here so that people can easily add you to their friends lists.

If you’re interested in playing games with us, use the link above to add me to your friends list. Tell me who you are on the boards, and what you’re interested in playing, and I’ll try to keep you updated.

We use mumble for voice chat during games. Our server is port 32768. Remove the two slashes in the middle. Mumble is free and easy to set up, and even if you don’t have a microphone, it’s worth getting on to be able to hear. We do a significant amount of organizing and coordinating on there, so it’s pretty much mandatory. There is one glitch with our server - the first time you log on, you won’t hear anything until you hit your push to talk key to try to say something. So if you hop on, and people are on but you can’t hear anything, that’s why, just tap your push to talk.

We’re actually playing quite a few games actively right now. Among them:

Battlefield 4 - even though this one is on origin, we still organize through steam.

War Thunder, a free to play WW2 air combat simulator with 16v16 arenas

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer - they just released the JC2 Multiplayer mod to steam which makes it easier for everyone to try it. It’s 1000+ people in the JC2 world causing chaos. We should definitely goof around with it.

Planetside 2, a free to play shooter/vehicle massively multiplayer game. We used to play this one a whole lot, recently not so much, but they’ve released a big update to the game that substantially increases performance across the board which has brought back a lot of old players and attracted new ones, so the game is thriving again. I’ve been trying to play more.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - every week or so we’ll get together, yell excessively awesome battle cries, and chop each other’s heads off.

Natural Selection 2 a fantastic hybrid RTS/FPS game with asymmetrical sides that’s an old school shooter that isn’t dumbed down. We haven’t played this very actively recently, but a humble bundle sale brought a lot of new people in, and a lot was added and changed about the game, so I’m going to start organizing games again

Contagion, an early access zombie survival horror game that actually aspires to be survival horror rather than just a shoot em up. Limited content but we had fun with it. Still being developed. 8 player co-op.

Monaco, an odd 2d top down 4 player co-op heist game

Ticket to Ride, the computerized version of the board game is actually something we’ve played a decent bit lately.

Other possibilities - a few of us got Dead Island and Sanctum 2 in the recent black Friday sale, both 4 player co-op games that I’ve been meaning to get around to playing. We’ve had a bunch of Civilization 5 games - those have trailed off, but if Brave New World is cheap for Christmas we’ll probably kick those off again. I want to get some sort of racing game going again, maybe Dirt 2 or 3, perhaps depends on the Christmas sales. We’ve been discussing the possibility of getting large 4v4 type Total War games going, but we’d have to figure out which one is the most commonly owned and give some prep time for the huge downloads those entail.

So don’t be shy. Organize your own games here in this thread if you want. If you’re interested in playing with the rest of the group, get in contact with meand tell me what you’re interested in, and/or post to the thread. Set up mumble, join us some night, you’ll have fun. I will probably try to keep posting to this thread to organize games on particular days and probably post SDMB group gameplay videos when I get unlazy enough to get around to editing and posting them. I actually have like a year’s backlog of videos to go through and post, like our various PS2 drunken harassing antics.

Random past SDMB gaming videos:
Battlefield 3: The Immortal Chopper
PS2: Organized Jihad Jeeping
NS2: Playing commander of an sdmb team
Day Z: taking over the main city, getting in a fight with another organized group, having one of our members captured and taken to a rape cave, having Allahu Ackbar yelled while they kill me, and ultimately challenging them to a swordfight with dicks
BF3: Choppers in tunnels
Dirt 3 4 team cat and mouse
Kerbal Space Program attempt to collaboratively design via livestream
BF3 - Torus always dies first
Dirt 2 Random Violence
Monaco - bumbling around on day 1
Day Z random group encounter
PS2 - killing entire NC army in harasser
Mount & Blade Warband drunk throwing axe rampage
PS2 - they get revenge on us after harassing them
PS2 - I was determined. We die together

oft wears hats and I still play a fair bit of Left 4 Dead 2, if anyone’s interested, though I won’t be around for gaming until early January.

As much as I’d like to take part, I often can’t. For quick paced games, like FPS, I suck. I’m slow and methodical in the single player, and that doesn’t work in the frantic pace of MP. As for the others, I can’t schedule when I’ll game, I game when my schedule allows, and usually I end up having to pause and leave for varying lengths of time. (I’ve had people comment on how long I’ve been playing, but that was simply because I started and didn’t exit when I got pulled away)

I’ll join the group! I played some Dead Island on Xbox, and wouldn’t mind getting the PC version as I’m sure its pretty cheap by now. I’m also looking at maybe getting DayZ and checking that out over the holidays.

Is cribbage a possibility?

It’s fun to see the games, but my gaming time tends to be after the rest of the family has gone to bed, and that means it’s also “Dorkness is on call for a crying baby” time, which means I can only play games that I can abandon at a second’s notice. MP is kind of off-limits for me for the foreseeable future :(.

I’ve signed up, but sessions are going to be out until after Christmas.

Sorry to have been scarce lately. When the school year starts, my life just gets hellish busy. I’ll find some time over break to game with you all, though. I’d like to see the changes in PS2 – miss that game!

I’m on the same boat. My game time is currently 5 to 7am Eastern, while the wife and (hopefully) the baby sleep.

Call me when CoH returns and/or the Titan Project succeeds.

Steam winter sale came early this year. Someone mentioned Dead Island above - it’s $5 today only. This is a good time to catch up on games we’re playing, but remember to wait until something is a daily or flash sale, or it’s the last day of the sale, otherwise you have a chance of seeing a higher discount before the sale is over.

I’m on Christmas break so I could play something, provided I can stay awake that long. I have Natural Selection 2 that I haven’t played that much. Getting back to Dirt 2 & 3 could also be fun.

We’ll definitely be getting together tonight. Probably some BF4 or War Thunder depending on who’s around, followed by some Chivalry later. Chivalry is $6 today on steam by the way, I recommend it.

I’m already a member of the Steam group, but I haven’t played any games so far. (Steam account hirka
). Does anyone play Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion by Stardock? It is the only real multiplayer game I’ve been playing lately, however only been playing it single player. Would love to do a co-op game with someone from the dope.

I’ve signed up, but sessions are going after Christmas

Anybody playing Rift?

I’ll check back in once I see what Santa brings me for Christmas.

I play a lot of L4D2, usually on expert (sometimes advanced) if others are doing that.

I just joined the group. Clothahump was taken, so I had to register as Clothahump1.

I’m a Rift player, but I have let my subscription expire until I get a new job and can afford to reactivate it.

I seem to have a slight problem. I created a server connection with the data shown, but Mumble won’t let me connect to it. When I highlight it, the connect button stays grayed out. Any suggestions on how to get around this?