SDMB black rifle club scheutzenfest

Uh oh . .

OP got eaten. . .

I’m going shootin’ this weekend anyway.

Goddamn hamsters anyway. Grrrr. Well, I have a Savage varminter (yes, it’s .223 caliber, I didn’t want the .22-250) I need to test out anyway.

What I had posted before Netscape bombed when I hit submit was for a shooter’s get together in Phoenix sometime in January or February. Phoenix has good weather then, Arizona gun laws are not draconian and there are some excellent shooting facilities in and around town. There are some big shooting events coming up that some folks might be interested in seeing around that time too. The Winter Range national championship of cowboy action shooting is Jan 29-Feb 2. I won’t be shooting the main match but side matches on Wednesday the 29th. The following weekend is a buckskinner rendezvous also at the Ben Avery range. I’ll also be shooting my clubs monthly cowboy match January 11 and February 8. If anyone has an interest in this and some previous experience with action shooting I’m sure we can come up with enough loaner equipment to shoot the match.

Considering they had to post a disclaimer about ordinary get togethers I’m sure the mods will love me for this. Safety will be strictly enforced of course. I only want safe, responsible shooters to attend. If there are any novices we will make sure you get sufficent safety instruction. Politically incorrect black rifles are welcome but everything must be legal. Dopefests tend to be drinking binges for many folks but for this one shooting and drinking are absolutely mutually exclusive activities.

I spent 4 1/2 years in Prescott. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could.

Sounds like a good idea. I’m sure you can talk malkavia and a few others into it. . .

Yeah, mods’ll love this one. :smiley:

:: raises hand ::

I’d be interested. I don’t check the boards as often as I could, so e-mail or call me about this so I can keep the date(s) open.

Oh heck Mauvaise, come on out and we’ll make you an honorary member of the black rifle club. Actually I plan on going shooting again the second if you’re interested in coming.

Padeye, you’re making me crazy here. I haven’t had a chance to get to the range in about a month. I usually shoot at least once every time I am home from work (I work two week shifts away from home), but I have been busy with building projects all summer. Have you had the opportunity to attend one of the shooting schools in your neck of the woods? I’ve been thinking about taking a class at Gunsite or Thunder Ranch next year. Some of the folks I work with are planning to attend and they are campaigning hard for me to join them.

I’m not longer available Saturday mornings through December as I volunteer. I’m through at 1pm though and open on almost all Sundays.

Let me know, I’ve love to get back into shooting (now that the weather’s changed).

Sounds like fun, but my weekends are tied up. Bust a couple of caps for me!