SDMB black rifle club

We better get some sort of waiver going… :wink:

AK mags can be had for 9.99 new from CDNN. One of the reasons I went to the AK. My M1A loving buddy can keep his $60+ factory M1A mags!

Not a black rifle, but my pride and joy is a romanian sar-2 ak-74 clone. Everything is original, and not much to look at, but I love her. I got a good one with everything straight and with pretty nice wood for a romanian. No mods except some trigger work - shaved part of the trigger and disconnector to get rid of trigger slap, and sanded and polished the trigger contact surfaces for a smoother pull.

Nothing feels quite the same as test firing a rifle after you shaved off a decent chunk of the disconnector :slight_smile:

Oh, also a beautiful yugoslavian mauser made on captured German equipment by Yugoslavian rebels in the mid 40s. Manufactured, test fired, soaked in cosmoline, and stored in a warehouse for 60 years. In mint condition, nearly unfired. Made with really nice (what I assume is) imported malaysian teak. I’m tempted not to shoot it - but I’m tempted more to shoot it. :slight_smile: So long as I take proper care to clean it, I can keep it in excellent condition.

Also, a Finnish m39 1941 VKT marked mosin nagant - in less ideal shape, but absolutely beautiful.

Not exactly black rifles, but I still love them. Both of them are pieces of history - especially the latter. Given the general need for almost all Finnish infantry to serve in front line combat positions during the continuation war, and the relative shortage of rifles, it’s very likely that the rifle saw combat. Someone put their life on the line in relying on that rifle, and it’s just amazing to me to think of the history of it.

Can you believe I’ve had a ChiComm SKS for almost 10 years and have yet to put a round through it? Even got the 30 round magazine for it. Oh well, I’ll just get my jonesy out shooting over 10K rounds a year in trap. :smiley:

Hey, I have one of those! Not bad for $150; especially with the bayonette and other accessories.

I guess we better define black rifle. It’s obvious the collective arsenal of SDMB shooters is enough to scare the bejeebers out of the SDMB hoplophobes (sadly, not all ignorance has been defeated yet) but I think we’re losing focus here. All great fun to list our personal collections but let’s define our terms. We need to decide what a black rifle is. The M-16/AR-15 family has always been nicknamed the black rifle but is the only one for purists? If you lose the goth look and dress it up in gaudy colors is it still a black rifle? If you paint the stock black on a .22 single shot is it really a black rifle or just a poseur? Is a stainless rifle in a black stock a black rifle?

And BTW one of my other back burner projects is a MAK-90 with a K-var US made, black synthec furniture kit. As soon as I get a US made trigger group I’ll be able to assemble it.

Er, SenorBeef, that AK is indeed a black rifle - the term does not refer to the color! :slight_smile:

Is this anything like the Gay Communist Gun Club?

Can I play?

Ruger MKII stainless bull barrel.

I guess the arsenal will have to wait until graduation.

I haven’t taken a poll but I think we can safely say the SDMB black rifle club will not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference, gender identity or stuff like that. I’m personally not happy with communists in the ranks but I do believe in political freedom as a cornerstone of America so I gess pinkos are in too. If you want a black rifle with pink accessories the good old boys at Cavalry Arms can fix you up.

Holy smoke! [pun intended] A thread that’s near and dear to my heart! I have several “black” firearms… H&K 91, 93, 94 and the Benelli Super 90; a KG99; an SKS that has had the whole accessory treatment; an M11/9; a new Savage Scout; an older scout rifle built on a Howa .308 action; a tricked-out 10/22 with an RWS light-gathering scope, a “pit bull” built on a first generation Para-Ord frame, a “bobtail” 1911A1; a knock-off of the “hush puppy” S&W M39; two Mossberg 500s that I ‘refined’ - one is a 18.5" barreled, scoped slug gun and the other is a 20" barreled entry gun with the “knock, knock” stand-off device; and my pride and joy - a first generation “target” Remington 700 M&P in .308. I’ve probably forgotten a few… and some of my sporting arms might be considered “black,” depending on the criteria.

Brutus - I forgot to mention this… Some of the import ammo [Wolf included] sometimes have hard primers that can occasionally cause a misfire due to light strikes from the firing pin/striker of pistols; no problem for recreational shooting, but for competition or self-defense, it’s probably a good idea to stick with a proven domestic load that feeds and functions reliably in your firearm. Another thing to be wary of is that some inexpensive foreign ammo has corrosive primers, which can cause problems if shot in a firearm that is not cleaned right after a range session. And, of course, you are no doubt familiar with the difference in primers used in some foreign-made ammo [Boxer vs. Berdan]. Which brings us to the one recommendation I would like to make to you regarding .45ACP - buy a Dillon XL650! At $450.00 or thereabouts, you can have a reloader for a just little more than two thousand-round cases of ammo. I’m sure you have lots of brass [with Boxer primers, not Berdan primers, right?] - so the cost of “rolling your own” would be very inexpensive.

OMG, now I know you’re a real suvivalist, nutcase wacko. Who else would need to load so much ammunition… Anyway, do you have the electric case feed hopper for yours? I’ve got it for mine and it’s terrific. :smiley: The dillon factory is just across town and I’ve spent a frickin’ wheelbarrow full of money at that place. I got mine initially for .45 ACP as well but lately I’ve been loading mostly .44-40 for cowboy action shooting. My favorite 19th century assault weapon is a reproduction '73 Winchester. I just got a Black Dawge powder measure conversion for the Dillon so I could load black powder more efficiently and safely. They take a Dillon measure and replace the plastic hopper body and an internal part with metal so there is no risk of static buildup and possible kaboom.

I am sooooo in there. . .

I once had a piece of crap SKS, which couldn’t hit sky nor earth no matter how hard I tried. So, I saved up a few dollars and bought myself this little beaut of an XM-15 E2S Shorty AK Rifle. This one I own, but I get to play with all sorts of other cool toys at work. :cool:

Yeah, I’ve got two other shotguns and a handful of pistols, but “Regina” is my favorite. Currently, I’m working on piecing together another for my Pop via the “kit route”.

What I reeeealllly wanna get my hands on is a Thompson.

[Homer]Ohhhhhh, Thompson . . .[/Homer]

I use mostly Wolf in various calibers, including 9mm Parabellum and I haven’t had any problems with it.

Out of many thousands of rounds I’ve had 3 (all from the same case) that might have misfired due to hard primers. I say might because the failures happened in the middle of a tactical rifle class and I had to clear them as fast as possible and keep shooting.

It does make one heck of a muzzle flash though, so I am trying to find some ammo that doesn’t. I mostly use my SAR3 (Romanian AK in .223) for the classes, and we keep shooting on into the night. The guys tease me about bringing a flamethrower to a rifle class. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to use another brand .223 in case my buddies ever need some of my ammo - many of them have AR’s and would prefer something besides Wolf. (Personally, I would prefer they use less picky guns… )

Confession time - I don’t own a Dillon press, but I have several friends that do. I use quite a few Dillon products at my reloading bench, though. Instead of a progressive press, I have four single-stage presses that I use to reload one caliber during a reloading session. I have a Rock Chucker for full-length resizing, an RCBS Jr. for bullet seating, and a Lee Challenger for taper/factory/roll crimping. I have another Lee that is dedicated to bullet swaging. I have reloaded a lot of ammo on a Dillon 650 [mostly 9 X 21 for IPSC], but I guess I’m just old fashioned enough to stick with the single-stage presses. I have never become comfortable with the priming process on a progressive press. For that matter, I don’t like to prime on a single-stage press, either. I use the hand-held priming tool made by Lee, but I am just about ready to switch over to the RCBS tool - I have heard it is supposed to be safer. My reloading process is pretty labor-intensive [two different cleaning stages - first with a tumbler and then, after sizing, with a vibratory cleaner; and checking OAL with a Stoney Point tool and powder weights with an RCBS 5-0-5 scale - both every tenth round,] and some of my shooting buddies give me a hard time about it, but it works for me and I can produce ammo that looks and shoots better than a lot of factory stuff. When I get all the presses set up to each do a different part of the reloading process, I can crank out a thousand rounds in pretty short order.

Not as many as some in here . but I do have a 40 rounder a 30 and two 5’s. Why the firepower? It’s a hobby. like the guy with a $5000.00 set of golf clubs, or the lady with 10 grand worth of shoes in her closet, most of which she only wore once and will never wear again,or the talk show host who has several MILLION dollars worth of cars. I can go on and on…

So how many of you guys are actually black and how many are just whiteboy wannabes?

When I saw the thread title, I thought of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the reference he made to a rifle club in New York composed of black members.

Shooters clubs span all gender, racial, religious, sexuality, and social boundries :wink:

The only requirement is something that goes ‘bang’ when the trigger is pulled, and more specifically, for this club, a military-type rifle. Why even a proud liberal such as yourself can scratch together 300 bucks, get a AK, and join up :wink: