SDMB book

I don’t know if anybody’s proposed this yet, but what are the chances of publishing a SDMB book? It seems to me we’ve got plenty of wisdom and humor on these boards, and many people would be amused/enlightened by some of the threads. It could be broken up into chapters that correspond to the forums, and users or mods could vote on the best threads for inclusion. There’d obviously be a (small) market for it - I’m sure anybody who posts here would rush out and buy it. Profits could go to charity to be voted on by members, or to the Chicago reader for website maintenance or something. Possibility? Pipe dream?

I proposed this at a Dopefest to a mod once. I was told that publishing a book is quite an expensive proposition and the chances of making back this money, much less making a profit, were not that great.

I still think it’s a cool idea.

The last two Straight Dope books had quotes in them from our days on AOL, so you can see some examples of the message board from days gone by.

I agree with you, there’s so much here that would be great in a book, but Cecil says we have to buy up all the old books before new ones come along. So off to the store with you! (Either your local bookseller or our own Straight Dope Store.

Hope this helps.

your humble TubaDiva