SDMB Dems, whom do you prefer -- Clinton or Obama?

We’ve already got countless GD threads debating their respective merits as candidates and potential presidents, but here I just want to run a poll, more or less.

I’m backing Obama just because he has no connection with the DLC wing of the party. That monster needs to staked, decapitated, and buried at a crossroads.

Obama. Clinton is okay and all, but I know too many die-hard Republicans that are willing to vote for Obama vs. McCain, but definitely not willing to vote for Clinton vs. McCain. Besides which, I sort of feel like the Clintons had their chance at the White House once already. Time for new blood.


Obama. I used to be on the fence, but I’ve become mesmerized by what Obama has to say. Clinton is just looking like “more of the same” to me, even though she’s a woman.

Obama, without a doubt. Something about Hillary just strikes me wrong; I get the sense that she wants to be The First Woman President so badly that she’ll do or say just about anything.

She mostly just comes across as selfish and power-hungry to me. YMMV

What picker said. If Hillary was truly interested in public service as opposed to politicking, wouldn’t we have heard about some of her good works by now?

When I read today that she was firing her campaign manager, I thought “Look, lady – maybe it’s you.” She’s getting plenty of support but it’s starting to look like she wants it all. That makes for a bad vibe.

I’ve been debating this w/ myself. I think Clinton would make a good president. She knows where this country needs to go and she’s capable of leading the way. Unfortunately, her election (along w/ Bill’s presence) would guarantee that the political polarization will continue and we’ve had more than enough of that.
Obama may be relatively inexperienced, but I think that might be a plus. He seems to be a very persuasive fellow, so maybe he can make a difference in ‘politics as usual’ syndrome. I’m for giving him the opportunity.

Obama. I won’t have a problem voting for Clinton if she gets the nomination, but it seems like Obama would have a better chance against McCain. And I have a weakness for good speeches.

Obama. I don’t think Hillary would win in the general, but I think Obama would.

Obama. I was talking to my dad about this last night, and out of the remaining 4 major candidates, I think Hillary has the best resume (whatever it may mean to have experience to become president). McCain would be second, Huckabee and Obama are essentially a wash, but I guess I’d take Huckabee if you put a gun to my head.
I supported Kucinich. When he left, my support went to Edwards. Now it’s Obama, but if Hillary wins the nomination, I’ll happily back her.

As a hijack, is anyone mildly questioning McCain’s age? He’s already old as dirt. The Office ages you incredibly and I don’t know if he’d hold up well after a term. Apparently, as long as you’re old and white, you can always run for the highest office in the land (sit back down, Senator Byrd. Not you.)

Obama. I like Hillary and I’ll gladly vote for her in the fall if she gets the nomination, but I think Obama has a better chance of winning against McCain.

Obama, but Hillary is a good choice, too.

Clinton, for I think there are too many “mean people” for a Black guy to be elected. I hope I am wrong. :slight_smile:

Obama, but I won’t hesitate in voting for Clinton if she gets the nomination.


Still making up my mind. I was 100% for Hillary earlier, but I’m having second thoughts.

I’ll vote for either in the general election although Texas will go for McCain easily.

Obama. He just impresses me as very thoughtful and reasonable, saying what he actually believes. Whereas HRC strikes me more as a politician, saying what she thinks will score her points.

And as rabid as so many Repubs were for Bill’s hide, I’m leery of whether she would carry some baggage in that department. I’d really be sick of giving the Repubs an easy excuse to trot out their anti-Clinton BS from 8 years back to oppose her on the merits.

Really hard for me to imagine the US having either a black or female pres, tho.

Obama. I think Clinton would be perfectly OK as a president if it were just up to me; she seems intelligent and competent – but, dammit, I’ve watched too many intelligent and competent but uninspiring Democratic candidates tank, and I think it’s time we put up someone who DOES inspire. Besides, too many people are determined to hate her guts no matter what she says or does.

Also, I trust Obama slightly more to end the war, which is probably the issue I care about the most right now.

I don’t know. Probably Obama, but not for any reasons that have to do with political differences between him and Clinton.

Given the choice between the First Female President and the First Black President–give me the woman everytime. (I’m a white woman, which is not neccessarily irrelevant).

But, I wish, wish, wish that the First Serious Female Presidential Candidate wasn’t HRC, wasn’t someone with her husband’s baggage, and wasn’t someone with 35 years experience as a passanger in the car. (Oops, listened to Garrison Keiller this weekend just long enough to here him imagine a roadtrip with each of the candidates and a few former candidates).

And, as the primary process continues, the more I come to believe that Clinton has more earned enemies than does Obama. (As opposed to people who won’t vote on basis of race, gender, or being a Democrat). And I get the feeling that Obama might be able to pull in more votes in November in certain key swing states. And given the choice between my candidate winning the Primary, and my party winning the General, I’ll take the General, thank you very much.

And, I used to have an idealistic dream that HRC just wanted to be a good Senator, not use the New York Senate seat as a stepping stone to the White House. So I was kinda mad at her when I first started hearing serious rumors of a planned run for President. But that was months ago, and then I started rooting for her to go all the way.

But then we get back to the other stuff I already mentioned. And so, I’m not quite unbiased, but I’m not sure which one to pick either.

Hillary’s managerial experience at work:

There are some that are arguing that Obama, with fewer initial resources and slimmer chances, outplanned and outmaneuvered the Clintons at what they do better than anything else–campaigning. And that the lack of control, focus, and discipline in Clinton’s campaign should reflect poorly on executive skills and her larger claims of “experience”.