SDMB dirty laundry and a question

I love this stuff! Many of you will never know it, but Melin has been fired as a moderator and she’s posted her rebuttal and the rest of the SDMB staff is running around deleting her threads! I guess they don’t want to air dirty laundry!!

Which brings me to my question:

Where did the phrase “dirty laundry” orginate as used to refer to things that you don’t want others to know about?

Contestant #3

Christ, Connie! Are we the only ones watching this drama unfold?

The expression was originally “dirty linen”. I assume airing it would give your neighbors some insight into your private (read sexual) business.

Yes C#3, I DO appreciate the irony. And I thank you.


There must be others that are watching this…although they are probably somewhat intimidated by the power of Zotti and his minions.

Is the adversarial (as yet unamed) moderator
non-caucasian? I had not been frequenting the offending “minorities” thread, so I lack a little history.

If appology is in order for one of the parties why wouldn’t it be in order for the other party as well?

Things that make me go hmmmmmm…

Contestant #3

If anyone happens to be interested in the truth of this matter as far as I am involved, please feel free to email me.
I have nothing to hide, but I do not air dirty laundry in public.

I’ll be happy to reply and CC: Melin if you like.


Nope, just the loudest :wink:

I have to admit that I am also curious why these threads are being deleted. Granted, one rebuttal thread would have sufficed, but to delete all of them?

Nice rebuttal, I just wish I could have seen the other side of the story.

Nickrz wrote:

“I have nothing to hide, but I do not air dirty laundry in public.”

Funny that the written comments on a public message board that spawned this mess would now be considered somthing not to be aired “in public”!

I have e-mailed Nickrz. I await the answers.

Contestant #3

Although I’m sure some would see it as deceitful, I think this episode is probably a good arguement for the moderators to use different handles when they are moderating and when they are argueing a position.

My guess is that JillGat is the moderator that tangled with Melin…

Contestant #3

‘dirty laundry’ ‘airing your linen in public’ ‘cleaning house’ homey homilies here.At least now I know why they lost interest in my ‘amazing self replicating reply clones.’

I guess the right thing to do is create a “Dirty Laundry” Message Board so Contestant #3 can go about digging up dirt.

Guard your delicates, all.

“There will always be somebody who’s never read a book who’ll know twice what you know.” - D.Duchovny


Absolutely. This seems like such an obviously good idea that it’s basic common sense. Why don’t the moderators do this? It’d be just as easy, and it’d clear up a lot of problems.

Your Quadell

I’m closing this thread since it’s not germane to the forum. If you want to continue this discussion, please take it up in the BBQ Pit. If anyone’s interested, I’ve posted my views there in the thread entitled “REPOSTED: ‘Fired for not being politically correct.’”