SDMB Emasculation Force

Looks like Lynn Bodoni, Techchick68, & The Mighty Tiki God have all ganged up on Origato tonight.

Guys, I’d like your opinion, here’s the thread:

{See bottom half}


I’ll tell ya my opinion. You started a thread in the Pit which was fucking ridicilous m’kay. You with me so far? You acted like a fucking asshole throughout the whole thread. Have I lost you yet? Then because people don’t agree with what you say you think that just because they have shit to say about you that they are ganging up on you? WTF? I was going to respond to your thread about Racing/Marijuana (What a fucking connection that is!) when it first started but I figured you are a fucking idiot I won’t fuck with it. I just read the whole thing and saw the way you yelled at Tech. Dude get over yourself. Your a fucking dickwad. There ya go there is my opinion. Oh and I think most everyone else’s will be along the same line also.

You don’t really want my opinion…

You were way, way out of line. Your OP did not make sense to many people and instead of trying to explain it rationally, you just made it worse. Over and over and over and over.

You used insults that were much too harsh for the situation.

Were you goaded some? Yes.

Did people insult you also? Yes.

But still, your comments were very much inappropriate at times.

This is why people ganged up on you.

I say again, 'Gato… grow a spine.

And along with it, a brain, apparently.

(What did I say about the “Wah, wah” crap?)

I think I’ll be building that altar for Lynn next…

Lynn, Thank you!!!

[Dr. Smith]
I grew weary of his incessant boobery. Oh The Pain! The Pain of it all!
[/dr. smith]
So, where can I send the Chocolate to?

Another one of those “Everyone disagrees with me, they must all be wrong, and they’re all assholes as well” posters. I swear, I never thought it possible to be so thick-headed as some of the jackasses that have passed through here have been (yeah, that’s not really grammatically correct, but I haven’t slept for a while). They all seem to be bad parodies of each other.

How’re the scores looking for February’s installment of the Lunatic of the Month Award?

Thanks Lynn. Wow this was the first pit thread ever started about me. Didn’t take me but about 3 months to make someone hate me. Oh and I realized this thread title coudl have been soo much better if you just replace Emasculation Force to Ejaculation Force. Sorry it’s late and I haven’t slept yet…

I, too, will throw in my kudos to Miss (Mrs.? Ms.?) Bodoni, and my thanks.

Oy, so rarely do I get that riled up with someone.

Consarnit, all he needed was a “You’re right, my post was ill thought-out”, and all this needn’t have happened. Ah, well…

Incidentally, way back in the thread about the state of Missouri electing a dead guy to the Senate, I could see the writing on the wall. Now there was an argument. Well, not really argument, just a lot of Origato insulting everyone who disagreed with him, which was just about everyone. Reading over it, I’d consider his behavior crossing the “being a jerk” line.

Here you go:

Jeeziz, just when ya think someone couldn’t possibly be a bigger doofus, he comes back and proves that he was just getting started…

Thanks, Lynn, for the mercy killing.

Too bad the turd ain’t dead yet.

OK, anyone want to take bets on how long before there’s a thread over at that sock puppet board about how the stupid mods think they got rid of Origato, but he’s probably had a sock puppet waiting in the wings already? Actually, for all I know, it’s already there. I ain’t exactly a regular over there.

He hasn’t yet. I went over this morning to see if PitMeister had anything to say about the stunt he pulled last night and there was nothing there from either of them.

My hat’s off to Lynn as well. Thank you Lynn.

< heading into seclusion again tomorrow…so I might be busy on the boards today >

The Emasculators – Yet another clique and again I am left out. When will this exclusionary behavior end???

Hey, the SDMB is emasculating, but marijuana isn’t, so why is the SDMB legal and marijuana not?

I don’t think emasculators means what he thinks it means…

If he was trying to insulte the people who “ganged up” on him, he failed, IMHO.