SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 12

Quick, go cough on some people and maybe you can get both games cancelled.

After an historically bad rookie start, Ronald Jones II has turned into a nice little earner in his third year. At this point he may be the second best RB I’ve ever drafted in this league.

I planned to start Mecole Hardman conditionally last week, but I swapped him out for Kendrick Bourne because I didn’t realize we were doing this conditional starter thing. The 4.9 point swing turned out to be the difference as I lost by 3.06.

It might be for the best as I really need a top-end draft pick next season.

Goodell says the NFL should be flexible about a week 18. One more week of TV=money printer go brrrr, so it’ll definitely happen.

I ended up losing points by conditionally starting Josh Allen over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Alright, so as far as I can see, everyone set their starting roster as if the game would be played, and so no adjustments have to be made, right? That’s a smart way to do that. Let’s all set our rosters as if the game will be played, and only if the game is cancelled will we make the substitutions stated in the thread.

Instead of putting players from games we know will be played in and then subbing out potentially cancelled games later, like I did. Just keep doing it like the rest of you did and we’ll all be consistent about this. It doesn’t really substantially matter either way, it just makes it easier to administrate.

Sorry, I missed this before, but could you clarify what you mean? If you didn’t realize we were doing conditional starting, how did you plan to start Mecole Hardman conditionally?

Do you just mean “If I had realized we were doing this I would’ve started Mecole Hardman instead”?

I just want to make sure that you didn’t get treatedly unfairly in some way. I think people were making conditional start declarations in the thread before you had to make that decision.

I meant I planned to start him - he’s my regular WR3. I’m not asking to change anything; I could have read the thread but didn’t.

Remember when I had the best QB situation in the league? Not this week as Wilson is on bye and Dak is heading to a long stint on IR.

Now it’s time to sift through the litter box that it the QB waiver wire for this week.

The Nick Chubb injury absolutely murdered my team. It’s the only injury I can’t come back from.

I have 3 top 12 QBs this season (well, 4 actually if I hold onto Ryan Fitzpatrick) so even two injuries there doesn’t bother me that much.

I have good enough WR depth to survive any one injury to WR, the guy’s I’ve been starting in my flex are good enough to be moved up to starter in a pinch.

I could’ve lost my RB2 - montgomery. The loss would’ve been felt, but he wasn’t my team’s biggest star.

But Chubb - not only does it force Montgomery up to my 1 slot, and force me to start Chris Thompson or JK Dobbins or a probably not at all viable Jorward Howard, but I lost my reliable star player in the process.

I hope he can come back at full strength in a few weeks because his loss could easily cost me 3 or 4 win this season.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants Aaron Rodgers for a playoff run, I’m willing to trade him. I’m willing to trade Tannehill too, but I don’t think anyone thinks he’s good, despite his last 16 games (including the playoffs) adding up to what would’ve been the QB3 season last year. I’m confident enough in The Majestic Moose, New Josh Best Friend and Tannehill to move on from Rodgers.

My team has been absolutely decimated by injury. I’m running out a players that have chance to get a point let alone actually contribute to a win.

I’m thinking about just sitting all my starters to make sure they are rested for the stretch.

I did a dirty.

Joe Flacco NYJ - QB
$11 Winning Offer

Warner’s Brothers $0 (Lower Offer)
Awarded To:
Exploding Pancakes Oct 18,12:47 am logo

Twice actually, I can’t imagine a scenario you’ll ever use Kyle Allen.

Well, I’ll play without a QB and hope for a miracle

Warners’ Brothers has $98 of FAAB left. That’s on him. Nice move.

Wow. That was cold-blooded and I kind of love it.

I was kind of conflicted on it. I don’t think I’ve ever made a move like that before, specifically tried to make roster moves to deny my opponent rather than to boost my own team. It feels dirty. Usually I like to beat people at their best, with no handicaps, when possible. And rarely does the opportunity to completely shut someone out like that come along.

But… it’s within the realm of normal fantasy tactics. I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with it, it’s a strategy, and Dale did have a chance to thwart it (by either picking up Allen before me or putting in a modest bid for Flacco)

The sad thing is my team is beat up and crappy enough right now that there’s a good chance he’s gonna beat me anyway.

Well it turned out not to matter, Dale is gonna put up 130 without a QB and crush me.

The fantasy gods did not approve of your tactics and also gave you a rainy game to hurt Allen.

Christian Kirk, ladies and gentlemen, for the huge Monday nights comeback! But can somebody please explain how the Y! win projections work?
So with my opponent in the clubhouse, I’m leading by 7.11. So for Kirk to lose 7.11 points, he’d have to lose FOUR fumbles (all on handoffs, to negate the PPR), or else be tackled for a 72 yard loss.
And we’re to think that there’s a THREE percent chance of this happening?

But if I can hold on, this puts me back at .500, which would be a huge start to coming back.