SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 12

Oh! Oh! I want to play.

Austin Ekeler - OUT
Marlon Mack - OUT
Chris Carson - Likely OUT
David Johnson - Bye

Michael Thomas - Out
Marquez Callaway - Out

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge Mr Davante Adams. Dude is single-handedly winning weeks. 16 fantasy points ahead of #2 Calvin Ridley, despite playing in 2.5 fewer games. He has 93 fp in the last three weeks on an absurd 39 targets.
Still might be a tough sled this week up against Mahomes, and losing Kittle, but still…to think that anyone else was the first pick in my expansion draft…crazy.

Trying to pick through free agents at this point in the season for injury replacements reminds me unfavorably of playing in the Big League back in the day. Looking to see who’s getting return yards, or forecast game flow for which backup RB is likely to get run in the second half of a blowout. Yikes.

You can tell I don’t have a girlfriend right now…

What the fuck, Evan Engram just caught a TD.

Was that a thing that could happen? Has that been allowed this whole time!?

David Johnson out now. Fuck fantasy football.

I love how I need Kyler Murray to stink it up to help me in the dynasty league, to be a stud in my money league and definitely want the Cardinals to squash the Dolphins in real football.

Ha! I didn’t even bother to check on the sunday night game. Retro only needed like 5 pounts out of Tom Brady to beat me so I figured it was a foregone conclusion, and then Brady only scored 3 points.

This will probably only ultimately cost me draft position, but there’s a chance that if I rack up a few wins (Chubb is coming back) and Dale loses a few I could sneak off into the playoffs as a division winner.

Yeah, fuck fantasy football at this point. A game where both teams should just light it up, and Brady lays an absolute egg.

Another week, another all of my top 4 running backs not playing due to injuries.

#1 in total points for is cool and all. But #1 in total points against and a 3-6 record kinda sucks. Can’t wait to see what starter I lose this week.

Chubb broke off a 60 yard run at the end of the game and went out at the 1 yard line on purpose just so they could kneel down to end the game. I could really use those 6 extra points.

They would have helped me in He Hate Me as well

Well, my sad loss this week basically eliminates any margin I had for making the playoffs. Fortunately I do still have two remaining games against the 1 and 2 teams ahead of me in division so I guess I’m not mathematically out.
As such, I’m willing to listen to offers for Brown, Gronk, or others. I’m convinced the first two can be real difference makers down the stretch.

You’re only a game back of the wild card, so you’re definitely not out of it yet. And there’s still a possibility that all three of us end up at 9-5. In that situation, I’m the one that most likely would be on the outside looking in.

A little change of pace this week. Instead of missing just my top 4 RBs to injury, the bye week has me missing my top 6 RBs. Again, fantasy football sucks.

Well shit. My division was weak and close a couple of weeks ago and I thought I could pull off a few wins and get in the lead and squeak my way into the playoffs, but after 2 losses it would appear my season is done.

I’m interested in getting more draft picks, so if anyone is interested in my players, feel free to make offers. Aaron Rodgers might be good for a championship run this year and still has a few years in him, David Montgomery gets a lot of work and has a pretty solid floor (the bears have a good schedule for RBs in playoff season). I’m also open to player swaps.

Nooooo! My streak!

My team is arguably the worst in the league, and yet I was only one game out of first place in the division heading into this week (with two of my losses by 6 or less). Being good but not quite good enough to win the league for four years has really hurt my draft picks, and the “win now” trade I made at the beginning of the year hasn’t helped (though on balance it may work out as Stefon Diggs has been just as productive as Nuk). Justin Herbert also looks like being the best QB I’ve ever had in this league.

Anyway, I’m clearly not a contender right now and everyone is for sale except Herbert and Chris Godwin.

I was sweating it tonight, 3 guys in play tonight against me and I all I could do was just watch and hope. I had a lot of guys do ok this week, so no busts except kicker.

3 short week games make Thanksgiving week a crazy one in fantasy and it’s coming up

Are there any players besides Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers that were on their original teams all the way going back from the original draft until now?

Appreciate you putting in the work to secure my 2 game lead in the wildcard with 3 weeks to play.

It hasn’t felt like a positive season with Saquon getting hurt, Odell going down, losing all 3 of my TEs at once for a week or two. Plus, the Eagles have just in general been a crappy team (one in which I am heavily invested because I am a no good, dirty homer).

But here we are, I’m in a very good spot to get in the playoffs with the rest of my division losing this week, and somehow I’m the #1 team in points. So, I need to push for the championship while the window is open and while Hamlet’s juggernaut team has been knocked low. As I only have one real glaring weakness in my starting lineup (assuming Mixon returns this season), there is no better time to make the following announcement:

Jules Andre gives up:
WR Odell Beckham

SenorBeef gives up:
QB Aaron Rodgers

This is a definite overpay by me for a position of dire need, but QB is the only thing keeping my team from being a favorite this season. Rodgers isn’t the automatic top-2 QB he once was, but he has quietly been a top 5 QB all season, for several seasons in a row, and his average game is significantly higher than what I have averaged rotating Big Ben and Wentz. Ben has been a comeback player award candidate, but aside from a couple outliers, he is consistently around 15-20 points a week. And Wentz has been an abomination. If I make it to the playoffs, I can’t trust either to keep my team afloat against the best teams in this league.

This sort of win-now trade for a veteran from Beef has screwed me in the past, but I feel confident that Rodgers is someone I can probably just start every week regardless of matchup for a few seasons, which lines up perfectly with my contending window in this league. If he keeps getting almost 30 points a week, I think I’m in really good shape. I’m giving up a lot for the chance at a title, but Odell isn’t in my top 4 WRs next season, so it’s a worthy risk for me considering it doesn’t hurt my starting lineup down the road. Get well soon, Mixon.