SDMB Garage Sale/Classifieds

As the title suggests, it’s time for people to clear out some extra garbage in preparation for Christmas.

If you have extra stuff people might want, post it here. If you’re looking for something in particular, post that too!

Here’s what I’m looking for: There’s a game called “On the Nose it Goes” with little elephant masks. I’m looking for any used version of the game or even one of the masks. If you have this game and no longer need it, let me know! My email is in my profile.

SWMM looking for old Lionel train set.

There’s an old book that I used to have when I was a child (~20 years ago) called “Hodgepodge.” It had songs, antecdotes, etc. It was hardbound and IIRC had a brown cover. I’d love to find another copy of that book.

I would dearly love to find a replacement for a stuffed animal I lost in a fire. It was a lion, about 6" high and 10" long, with a short golden coat, an intelligent face, and fairly big paws. The important thing was that, when you squeezed its abdomen, it growled. Under the fur its body was made of, probably, a firm rubber, so that it stood upright, but was still squeezable. It was one of four or six different animals in the same line that all made a species-appropriate sound when squeezed. The sound came from some kind of air-powered gadget inside, not a recording or batteries. I bought in it Las Vegas about fifteen years ago at a toy store that isn’t there anymore, and whose name I don’t recall.

I would be humbly grateful for life to anyone who could help me find one, or even help identify it so I could look harder.