Almost impossible--find this toy

The situation is my two year old niece has a small stuffed animal that she loves, I am trying to find a second. It was bought in Germany two years ago. I am not sure where it was made. It is a small stuffed monkey. The tag says bb, somewhat stylized, them a small stick figure, human like. Then the bottom of the tag says designed by bb, normal looking letters. She is sleeping with it now, so I cannot take a picture, although the tag itself is almost illegible. It is about six inches tall. My sister has looked on the internet for hours. I am trying to prove I can find it, she is says it is impossible. Can anyone help me out.

One of these?

It is extremely similar to Bearington Baby Lamby Snuggler Security Blanket, except of course a monkey. Perhaps I am getting closer, bb clearly stands for bearington baby.

Perhaps this?

Giggles the Monkey?

This monkey is much lighter, much more like the lamb. It most be an older model.

Why change from the original? It will probably not be accepted.

True story: At my son’s 10th college reunion, his year+ old daughter left her Grover doll behind in the hotel. As it happened I was staying over another day (I had been imported as a baby-sitter and my brother lived in town). So I picked up the Grover from the hotel. Meantime, they had found and bought a different stuffed animal, but when they put it in the crib, it was expelled with some force. So was a brand-new Grover doll. When I finally caught up with them with the old doll, she gratefully accepted it. She turned 15 five days ago and still sleeps with the old Grover (which, you can imagine, is pretty decrepit by now, although there have been attempted repairs). The attempted replacement Grover is still around here, but still doesn’t interest her. So beware of replacing that doll.

…or turning the page. You know there’s a *monster *at the end of this thread, don’t you?

Do you see it here:"bearington+baby"+%2Bmonkey&pbx=1&oq=%2B"bearington+baby"+%2Bmonkey&aq=f&aqi=&gs_upl=127345l132636l0l133054l4l4l0l0l0l0l198l553l0.4l4l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=836

No, it is not. Perhaps this is totally impossible.

Have you looked on eBay?

Yes, I looked on Ebay and Amazon. Neither has it. The plan was to try to find a second and switch it out every month are so, so they both have the same smell, look, and feel. It is beginning to feel fairly hopeless, however.

Can you give us a picture of it? That would help!

I will try, but I am not so good at that. More information is that is was made by bb klostermann in Germany. I do not read German well, so I am having trouble navigating the site.

So, if any German dopers are bored and nearby go into bb Klostermann GmbH & Co. KG • Carl-Zeiss-Str. 6 • D-36088 Hünfeld • Germany and see if they have a light colored monkey lovey, which is sort of like a security blanket finger puppet.

Do you see it anywhere here?
(There’s 6 pages of results to look through.)

No, I do not. This is sort of like a small blanket with only a stuffed head and ears.

Like the things on the bottom here:|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

but a monkey instead of a bear?

dauerbach, is this iwhat you’re looking for?

If it is, the difficulty you’ve had finding it may be that although it looks like a monkey (I certainly thought it was), it’s a lamb.

I already linked to a page that has a BB-manufactured monkey that is just a blanket with only a stuffed head and ears (ETA I now see this has hands too). There’s another one here that is more blanket and less monkey.

I’m thinking 6impossiblethings may have it: the baby may have worn a lamb down so it’s indistinguishable from a monkey.