Um, I need some doll collecting help..

Which, if I hadn’t just typed it would probably rank #1 on my list of “Topics I won’t be bringing up on the Dope”, but anyway:

I’ve recently come into posession of a doll made by the Chicago Stuffed Toy & Novelty Co. I would make as educated of a guess possible that it dates from the 1950’s or so. It’s absolutely brand new, still being wrapped in a plastic bag, and wearing a tag on it’s arm that proclaims that “This toy has been packaged under the protection of ULTRA VIOLET GERMICIDAL LAMPS” accompanied by a small picture of a small, excited, blonde, boys head. It then gives the company name, and Chicago Illinois.

The doll itself is I guess wearing a winter outfit of short baby blue fuzz filled with only stuffing. The effect is not a little like some kind of strange mutant teddy bear. It also makes a squeeking noise when moved, which I take to be a primitive crying mechanism.

Google has been of little no no help in locating any information regarding the company, and I tried wading unassisted into the world of doll and toy collectables, but to no avail. Can someone at least point me in a decent direction so I can see what I have and what should be done with it?

You may be able to find something here:

This Old Doll