SDMB Music Service

Okay, we have a varied crowd – give 4-6 bands of your favorite style and see what other dopers come back with:

Steeleye Span
Mediaeval Baebes
Fairport Convention
Who else would I like?

Blackmore’s Knight
The Battlefield Band
Boiled In Lead
June Tabor
The Oyster Band

Not really the same style…but all sort of indie-ish, in their own ways.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Sufjan Stevens
The Features

Haha I totally missed the point of this thread, I think. My bad!

I just posted some bands I like.

Nick Drake and Sandy Denny jump to mind. Must be the folk influence.

Not sure Mediaeval Baebes really fits on that list of similar artists. For similar to them, check out Miranda Sex Garden (2nd best band name of all time IMO).

Oh, I was supposed to list mine also…

Love Spirals Downwards
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
TV on the Radio

Trespassers William

Tears For Fears
Mesh (the UK one)
Yoko Kanno
Cat Stevens

With that username, why doesn’t TFF surprise me? :wink:

Sufjan Stevens. Multi-instrumentalist with varied influences, from folk to middle eastern, and a knack for combining them all and making it work.

Heidi Berry
Happy Rhodes
Dead Can Dance
The Moon Lay Hidden Behind a Cloud
Eddie Reader/Fairground Attraction
Grace Darling
Bel Canto
The Be Good Tanyas

Judee Sill
Devendra Banhart
The Incredible String Band
John Martyn
Josephine Foster
Joanna Newsom

Pretty disparate list there, but I kind of see where you’re going (dark, moody stuff with electronic touches) -

A. R. Kane
Cocteau Twins
This Mortal Coil
My Bloody Valentine
Pale Saints
His name is alive

Kate Bush
Antony and the Johnsons
Lydia Lunch

Mercury Rev
Ester Drang
A Band of Bees
Starflyer 59
Harry Nilsson

Here’s mine, by the way:

Sunburned Hand of the Man
Ash Ra Tempel
Tom Tom Club

This is cool – don’t forget to pass on your list of bands so others can suggest for you – the more people who see this, the more bands we may not have heard of, we’ll have to check out!

Keep it up!

Yeah, guess it didn’t pan out, huh?

I don’t know, I’ll take 14 posts of 4+ bands each as sucessful enough to keep me busy for a while – anyone else post here, feel they got something good out of it?

I was just bummed that nobody did my bands.

How about The Soft Boys?

Have to admit yours are a bit outside of my experience, but since you took the time to do mine (and everyone elses;)), it’s only fair that I take a little time to do yours.

Only one I’d heard of before was Tom Tom Club, but it seems like you were going for a sort of pre-alternative alternative. Am I even close?