SDMB Newbie Diplomacy game

OK, I’m starting this new thread as a jumping off point to the request for a newbie game of Diplomacy made in Abe Babe’s New Diplomacy thread. I offered to try my hand at GMing for the first time with all you rookies.

To begin with, here’s the roster of rookies who have chimed-in in the other thread.
Royal Nonesuch

We’re one rookie short, so I’ll leave it be for a little while in the chances that some one else speaks up. If not, I’m sure one of the other beginning players would be happy to jump in. Perhaps Schnitte or Shibbs would like to take on another game.

I’d like the new players to take a look at a few of these links below, they are decent starting out points for beginners. I’d like everyone to please post to this thread with country preferences and confirmation that you’re still interested. If you’re unsure of country preferences read the links below and it’ll likely give you an impression of what you’d like to play.

The Rules of Diplomacy
Diplomatic Pouch
Diplomacy Archive

In the last link, I especially recommend the Strategy and Tactics articles.

White Lightning, want to be the “overseer” and back-up GM should something come up where I’m unexpected unavailable?

I would love to get in on this! Count me in!

Well, that makes 7. Please post your country preferences. At a later date I’ll provide everyone an email which I’ll be using to manage this thing.

Also let me know if you all have any availablity limitations I should schedule around.

I’ll run the game pretty casually, extentions will be granted liberally and I’ll do everything possible to avoid NMRs. Please don’t take advantage of course, but I don’t suspect it’ll be an issue.

Well poo … Hugh beat me to the punch.

If you need a sub, or if you get a second newbie game going, I’m interested in trying this out. My email is in my profile.

Don’t give up yet, if I don’t get responses from the first 7 before the game gets underway I’ll need replacements. In past attempts people have been known to post once and never surface again in this types of threads. Be dilligent young chap.

Omni, keep me on your list as a backup or sub if you need one.

Let’s go!!! I’ve gotten so caught up in this, the other night I had an erotic dream in which I lovingly perused my lover’s body in search of Supply Centers. :eek:


Sure you’ve never played this game before? I hope you’re just joking about the above. Otherwise, are you a sockpuppet for WhiteLightning?

How is it played, this “Diplomacy”?

I’ll confess to pure ignorance and moderate curiosity m’self. I tried following the last thread on the subject, and got hopelessly lost before it got anywhere quickly.

Would someone care to give a quick overview, before the clueless delve into the links above?

Skeezix, it’d be difficult and time consuming to explain the game here in this thread. Not to mention the fact that it would certainly spawn a whole series of follow-up questions which would hopelessly sidetrack the thread. Another good link which you may want to look over is here:

The Game of Diplomacy, by Richard Sharp

The book is reproduced on the web here, its a bit dated and written long before email came about, however the chapter labeled Fundamentals is a reasonably succinct explaination of the basics of the game. Shorter and more direct than the complete Avalon Hill version of the rules above.

Shibbs, JayLa, I’ll definately keep you guys in mind. I’ll let this thread linger for a day or two, and if those previously noted posters don’t chime back in I’ll have a quick trigger in order to get this game under way as quickly as possible.

My thanks.

I think I can safely say I’ll be sitting this one out, as well, though. My head hurts about 2 pages into the fundamentals.

damn - something i’d have quite to take part in too.

will have to keep an eye out for next time :slight_smile:

Skeezix, it’s not that tricky, just a little confusing as you read through it rather than play. Maybe you could pair up as a sort of co-captain with one of the other newer players so you could get a feel for it and then play solo the next time? Another newbie might appreciate having someone else to bounce ideas off.

ooooooooooh me! me! i wanna be a co-captain! :slight_smile:

seriously though if anyone fancies that let me know.

In a nutshell, Diplomacy is vaguely risk-like, in that you try to take over more than half of the world to win.

Each territory with a dot in it is a supply center. Usually, how many supply centers you own is how many armies and/or fleets you have. As you expand your territory, your army gets bigger. If you’re invaded successfully, you army gets smaller.

Each territory can only have one unit in it. A land space can have an army in it, and a sea space can have a fleet in it. In addition, coastal land spaces can have an army or a fleet.

Combat is determined by who has the most units participating. If the attacker has one unit attacking and one unit supporting the attack, and the defender has just one unit on defense, the attack succeeds. the attacker takes the territory, and the defender must retreat to an adjacent territory. A single attacker attacking a single defender will never win. An unsuccessful attack means simply that the territory is not taken. No casualties occur.

As all parties are relatively weak at the start, you pretty much need to form alliances with one or more neighbors to make joint attacks, or at least agree not to attack each other.

France will send a letter to Germany saying"Let’s attack England" and a letter to England saying “Let’s attack Germany.” Then see who gives you the best response.

Richard Sharp, eat your heart out.

:waits for a lightning bolt from the heavens to strike him down in his chair:

I played once many years ago and LOVED it, but my co-players decided that they preferred to play Civilization.

I exaggerated for comic effect. Slightly. There’s no zeal to match that of the newly converted.

Neato mosquito burrito. I’m in!

Get ready to feel the wrath of the Italians!

I’d kinda like to play the English.

Last fall’s game got me re-interested in Dip. I’ve played in 1 face-to-face game and 2 email games (1 of which was the Youngstown variant). And none of the games lasted beyond the fourth turn (F02), as everybody lost interest.

I’ll watch this game; I may be interested in the next one.