SDMB Diplomacy 2004. Shall we play a game?

Yep, I’m offering to host a SDMB Diplomacy game again.

Am I crazy or what? I just finished GMing the Semi-Finals of the Worldmasters and find myself, for the first time in almost four years, without a game to run.

What is the world coming to? Must be the fault of aliens or something.

Diplomacy rules are here.

For those unaware of Diplomacy it’s a game set in 1901 in which seven powers in Europe all vie for continental dominance. There are no dice. There is no random element at all. You negotiate with the other players and try to build alliances and destroy your opponents! But be careful! You’re ally one turn could betray you the next and bring you down!

We call that a stab.

The game will take several months to play with turns taking a few days so players will have time to communicate with each other.

Warning, though: if the deadline comes and you don’t have orders in to me your units will simply not move that turn. This is known as ‘suicide’.

So how 'bout it, chuckies? Who’s in?

You must contact me and list your country preferences. Be it known that countries will be assigned in order of when you come at me. So the first will get his first choice, guaranteed.

Note, also: to get in the game you must EMAIL me…just posting to the thread won’t do it.

Email’s in the profile, children.

Go forth…stab.

And for the record…

Your country choices are…


Oh, what the heck, I did horribly last time but I’ve been reading up a little. I’m game.

Ok, sent you an email.

I’ve heard my friends ranting on this and they seem to play at every GenCon, so I’ll see what the fuss is about.

How intensive it is, i.e. how often will we be expected to turn in moves?

[QUOTE=Jonathan Chance]
The game will take several months to play with turns taking a few days so players will have time to communicate with each other.

Oh Christ. It’s late. I was flipping through the rules. Maybe I shouldn’t play.

Don’t say that, it’s always a great time to start. It’s fun, and it doesn’t take that much time to play.

I’ll play. If country preferences matter: England

I’m in - email sent…


Send those emails, folks. I only have three so far!

I’m in if you’re still looking for players.

I keep telling myself I really don’t have time to get in another game. On the other hand it would be fun to administer a spanking to Garius… what to do, what to do?

Jonathan Chance, what pace are you planning on?

I’m thinking 2 weeks per year. Slow enough to not be pressured but fast enough to maintain the thread.

I’m in, sign me up, I didn’t really need this job anyways.

I’m tempted, but I lost a good friend over the last game of e-mail diplomacy. Still a little gun shy. I think maybe I’ll pass on this one.

Absolutely great game though.

Hmm … looking like I might be able to get some revenge this game … :cool:

Ah, yes, the Diplomacy subtitle.

Diplomacy: Payback’s a bitch!

Quick question – how are game mechanics going to be handled? It’s not like we can get together and share a board.

(Forgive me, but I’m new to PBEM. I’m familiar with LARP, but have only done it in person).

I will run the game. I adjudicate. Orders are sent to me by the deadline and I publish the results here in the thread and via email.

What the hell, use me if you need someone to fill a slot. It’ll be fun to stand with Omni on the unemployment line. What we need here in the USA is a good dole to live off of in those times when you just have to Dip.