SDMB Presidential Address

Yes, I’ve been away from the boards for awhile. I see the VP (the always-cool Democritus) kept the place running smoothly. So now I’m calling for reports from all my ministers and officials and calling for applications on any positions you care to name.

What? The press is ready for me?

[lights and cameras]
** The Address **
The WTC tragedy has shocked the entire world leaving in its wake bewilderment, hurt, depression and fear. The ramifications have extended far beyond any borders and well into the future - changing so many things to come. In fact it’s not an understatement to say this will permeate threough our entire society and affect the very way we live.

As I said this will extend beyond borders and that’s true of here on the SDMB as well, if for no other reason than we don’t have those borders.We’re a wonderfully divserse and eclectic community that celebrates our differences rather than persecutes because of them.

Hold that spirit.

Face whatever this future holds with positives.

I challenge each of you to try to share those positives with those around you everyday. Both on the boards and in real life. Practice a little more tolerance regardless of how much you normally would. Make an attempt to understand even that idiot in the next office. You don’t have to agree with them but just try and put yourself in their shoes briefly.

Most of all I urge you all to remember to live life to the fullest. Enjoy it as much as you can. Tell those you love how you feel and rejoice in that wonderful feeling. Remember that there are amazing things in the world. From the gurgling laughter of a baby to colourful flowers, there’s a myriad of beauty and pleasure all around us. Even if the future holds darkness try not to lose sight of the good things in the world. Just don’t forget how great life can be.
With hope we have no limits.

If nothing else I’ve got enough for everyone.

Very well said, Mr. President.

stands up and applauds

Personal Assistant, checking in, Mr. President dpr sir.

Ready and willing to…assist you in any way you…need.

And a very good speech, by the way. It’s good to have you back, dear. :slight_smile:

Now why can’t you be the real president, huh? I can just imagine that voice booming across the world. We, your people, need that. Thank you, Mr. President.

What a wonderful first-post-back!

If Demo is the VP, who have I been unfing?

Don’t blame me, I voted for dpr.

Well said, and welcome back. It’s been not quite right without you here.

And before we get a newbie in here asking:

The invitation for candidates

The debates

The voting

The Governmental Appointments

Cecil may be god, but dpr is President. :smiley:

Well said, sir. Although I have been remiss in my duties (no, not THOSE duties), my administrative duties! Anyway, I have been trying to keep up PR by attending multiple Dopefests and grabbing lots of ass. I think our approval rating has gone up somewhat.

[sub](With this whole “tragedy” thing going on, no one will ever notice the women we got going in and out of this place!)[/sub]

As one of the Ministers of Communications, let me just say…

Demo? You grab ass at dopefests?! WOO!

The Minister of Trade would like to say that he stands firmly behind the presidents position…errr supports the president…errr you know what I mean…sigh…

Mr. President, it is my pleasure to tell you that the militant wing of the Straight Dope Peoples’ Front is laying down their arms. At this point in time we feel that armed resistance is futile. That and we don’t want to be associated with any group of fundamentalist terrorists.

On a side note, keep your eyes open for the People’s Front of the Straight Dope. They can’t be trusted, bloody splitters.

Damn it. I can’t even remember the name of my band of freedom fighters. We are, of course, the People’s Revolutionary Front, and not the SDPF. My apologies to my former comrades in arms. However, you still need to be wary of People’s Front of the Straight Dope.

Um, Mr. President, with all due respect, and I’m a part time New Yorker myself, it wasn’t JUST a WTC tragedy. Two more planes of people and 200 Pentagon workers died in the tragedy as well.

Hmmm… Good point NWR. However, I might suggest that the reason for the President’s mistake lies with the media coverage, which seems to focus more on the World Trade Center. Not to make excuses, you see. I’m just saying, I’ve heard very little of the rescue, recovery, and clean up efforts at either of the the other two crash sites.

Not to say that they are any less tragic, of course.

Then again, being wrong is always an option for me.

Especially considering the President lives in Oz and most definitely receives different coverage than we do in the States.

With most humble due respect given back, if you please.

Can I um, be an intern?


Nobody was appointed Minister of All Things Mauve.
No. I’m not interested. Just thought I’d mention the fact.

Thanx for providing links for us newbies, Nymysys

Well, said, Mr. President sir. And as a former rival in the Presidential race, I’d just like to say that I’m sure glad someone else had to deal with this while in office. :slight_smile:

Oh, and as official Secretary of DeOtherFence, I can tell you that things are just peachy keen over here. The groundhogs looked like they might take this opportunity for an offensive and jump De Fence, but I enlisted Scylla to hold them off, and he has been doing so quite nobly.

Mr. President, I assume you’ll need some assistance with communications, especially on radio. I offer my resume so you can make an informed decision.

It’s good to see you back!