SDMB self parody

Lets play a SDMB game!
Suggest a new name for the forums!

I’ll start with Great Debates: Predictable Argument Vs Predictable Retort.

Lets see who can come up with the most insightful name!

BBQ Pit -> George Bush is da debil!

The BBQ Pit

If you are completely, absolutely, thoroughly, annoyed, infuriated, outraged, incensed, devastated, nauseated by the latest [link to a story of shocking, graphic, lurid, ghastly behavior] of kitten drowners, serial killers, mindless shooting spree killers, neo-Nazis, child molesters or other vermin of society then post it here.

You think that 's a bit too wordy?

Cafe Society: Watcha doin? (broken down into subcategories such as Watcha watchin? Watcha readin? Watcha listenin to? Watcha playin? etc)

MPSIMS = I’m bored.

ATMB: “Has anyone noticed that the server here is slow? let me tell you how we can speed this place up.”

General Questions = I Haven’t Figured Out Google Yet

IMHO = Give Me Advice to Ignore

Comments on Cecil’s Columns : I’m new here and want to make a point about how smart I am.

Actually could be the same for Comments on Staff Reports.

General Questions: I can’t search, so…

It seems more like “I’m a nutbag conspiracy theorist and have registered as a guest so I can castigate Cecil for concealing the evil truth about fluoride/JFK’s assassination/the Trilateral Commission/etc.”

GD: Guests, please come here to start a badly-constructed AGW-denying thread. Make one or two poorly worded retorts to the reasoned responses you get, then disappear into the e-ether. Return in a few weeks, posting with a new account from a different internet café. Rinse and repeat.

IMHO: GD for wimps
Pit: GD for non-wimps
MPSIMS: GD with kittens and no debates

Comments on Cecil’s Columns: Hey Cecil… Cecil? CECIL???

Just looking for something interesting in the Pit and thought of another.

The BBQ Pit : It’s all been said after one page, but we’re gonna carry on for another five anyway

heh, you misspelled “Great Debates”

BBQ Pit: “I’m a moronic newbie who doesn’t understand the rules and everyone should change to accomodate my stupidity.”
Or: “Teh mods sux!”
GD: “Why such and such terms are not racist, or why certain nutbags are not really nutbags-it’s everyone else who has a problem.”

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Hey! Use the new names!

Cafe Society: Tell Me What Movies and Books You Like So I Can Tell You They Suck!

Great Debates–Let’s bash religious nuts and/or filthy fags.