SDMB tradition - my colonoscopy thread

She uses a lot of their stuff and has some gf favorite staples and mixes from Trader Joe’s also. I think my 3yo granddaughter might be 90% Trader Joe’s rice pasta mac and cheese (you know, like the ubiquitous Kraft blue box stuff).

EmilyG~you’re doing great having finished getting in all the solution. :wink:

See, this is what drives me nuts. It’s the same colonoscopy for everyone. Why are the preps not the same? As I’ve posted elsewhere, several studies have shown that small low-fiber meals on prep day produce better results and fewer cancellations. Some gastroenterologists allow that, but some allow only clear liquids, and some require low-fiber diets a full week before C-Day and clear-liquids-only on prep day.

Do they all squabble with each other at colonoscopy conventions? Why can’t they all pick a prep and stick with it?

Once I’m mostly cleaned out, I wonder how I can try to sleep without the danger of accidents.

You should be fine (because you won’t have anything left in there)!


Short answer? Yes they do and in journal articles also. As do the reps selling the prep solutions. This old nurse could go on virtually forever about doctors not knowing how to play well with others (caveat: many, not all, but usually a critical ass in many locations and in many specialities). King of the mountain syndrome and all. Ages the nurses who have to work with them (and keep their patients alive in the bargain) before our time. There is a whole lotta ‘because I’ve always done it this way’ out there.

Or at least provide an explanation for why you are getting this brand /formulation of prep and why your prep timing and allowed diet might vary from your friend’s 6 months ago. Send home clearly written instructions that have been read and proofed by nellie before being copied. Have a mortal read them for clarity and coherence.

Lay down several bath towels and sleep on top of them. Leave low level lights on in your apt between your bedroom and the bathroom. Leave doors open. Leave the lid up on the toilet. Seconds count! Make sure nothing is sticking out in your path, slippers, cats toys, rugs, etc. If you’re comfortable, don’t wear pajama bottoms-they are just one more thing to get in your way and slow you down. Under pants alone are enough.

I… don’t have enough clean bath towels because doing laundry is a challenge with no washing machine. But I’ll see.
My doors are open most of the time. A benefit of living alone. :slight_smile:

Just my tips from my multiple tests and from helping others as a home care nurse. Tricks of the trade.

No big deal if you pull used towels or sheets out of the laundry. Just so you still have a bed you can sleep in if needed. I’m twice your age and I didn’t have problems making it to the bathroom during the night so I think it’ll be ok.

Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

Good luck with this, glad to hear you’re through the prep solution. Like others I found that chicken broth got me through it, as well as ginger ale.

I generally don’t sleep very well, so my main memory of the colonoscopy is that it was the best nap I’ve had in years.

Because every patient is different.

Our Nurse Boo is a blessing.

Are you saying you think the prep is different for every patient?? That’s not been my experience. Both times, the nurse at the doctor’s office grabbed a printed set of instructions from a stack. (Note: I opted for Cologuard instead of a colonoscopy after reading the instructions for the second go-round. They were even more restrictive and for longer than the first one 10 years earlier.)

Keep well hydrated! I have had the procedure over 10 times - I had my first at age 40 and I am near 80 now, so have aged out for any more.

You have been given a lot of hints and suggestions above, so I can only add that you might take a look at the 4 bolts holding the toilet to the floor. (You might need to pop off the little covers over the heads to see them) Often these can be loose, if that is the case, just hand tighten them for now. You will need a steady seat during this process!

Best wishes for an uneventful prep and procedure!

Thank you for the toilet fixing advice!

I didn’t sleep all night. Not really just bathroom-related, more that I’m bad at sleeping in general, plus I didn’t have my usual meds (the paper said it was okay to have usual meds unless otherwise specified, but I didn’t want to take chances. I find that I can sometimes go without my antidepressants for a day. The sleeping meds are trickier to go without. I guess I didn’t want to risk having an accident?)

Anyway, I’ll be picked up in about an hour.

Thank you everyone!

Good luck!

If they let you, you can ‘enjoy’ a view that most people never see :joy:

Oh yes, I saw it :stuck_out_tongue: though I didn’t have my glasses on.

I’m back. Things went well. :slight_smile:

Yaay! Glad to hear it. What’re you going to eat now? :slightly_smiling_face:

As is our Bard Nellie :woman_teacher:t3:

I’m also glad it went well! Enjoy your brunch, lunch, dinner :plate_with_cutlery:

Leave the gun, take the cannula

I’m concerned about this part. Anything we can do to help?