sdmb w/drawls

are ya feeling them right about now?

it’s time good luck

Ummm… k!

I always like to be the first one to not get it. :wink:
Is this in reference to the boards going down?
My second guess is y’all is reachin’ out to other Dopers with drawls. :wink:

I’d say ya done good…got right off. About 3:15am the boards are getting ready to shut down and you got a couple of more threads you’d like to check…it’s 3:25 and you start breathing a little quicker…your eyes are a bit blurry and your typing is poor but you’ve still got a minute or two left…type faster
and then you get

not responding WTF? not responding…gone to the dark side for an hour or so. Com lines are down. Now what? Sleep? what in the hell for. Gotta get up at daylight anyway. Why bother, besides Jerry’ll kick start this damned place backup in an hour if we’re lucky.

and g~mornin to you sweetie

I guess my luck is I time it just right.
I took hubby to work this morning (4:20am drop off), head home, grab something to drink, watch “King of the Hill” until 5:30a, then dial up.
By the time I grab a drink, feed the cat, there’s like a five minute down time and then I’m on.

I’m generally asleep by this time of night but as I have a bit of insomnia, I’m wide awake and have been using the boards to keep me entertained for the past two hours. At around 1:15, I knew the boards were going to go down soon so I just started skimming thread titles in every fora and opening every one that looked interesting in a new tab in Firefox. By the time 1:30 finally rolled around, I literally had two dozen threads to keep me busy for the next hour and didn’t miss a beat.

That’s a good idea. Aesiron You’ve always got a good answer. I sometimes will pick an interesting OP that requires some research to answer. I’ll type it up in a textbook and add my cites then get ready to paste it whenever the hamsters wake up. Usually though I’ll try to catch a wink or two. I haven’t been able to sleep much this summer and the boards have been a lot of company. Thanks guys. :slight_smile: esp. you Harmless you’ve been a lot of fun and a friend as well.

I forgot this:

:rolleyes: :smiley:

t-keela, ya make me blush. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m usually asleep around that time, too, as my hubby has a ride to work almost every day. His ride called yesterday to say he wasn’t going to work due to family crisis so I had to take hubby in.
4:00am. :rolleyes:

Then there are mornings where I wake up while he’s getting ready. I’ll get up and fix him breakfast, see him off to work and then sneak onto the boards if the time is right.
I try to be back in bed no later than 6am (that’s when I feel I just can’t sleep), but I was bad this morning. :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’m paying the price.
Thank Og for the liquid crack that is Starbucks Frappuccino. :smiley:

I didn’t even know the boards were down. My work moved us into pods last week. Now, with 3 people who have a clear view of my monitor, I can’t waste my downtime here. I have to sit there and twiddle my thumbs. I haven’t been on in almost a week. It feels so good to be back. I missed you guys!

We missed you too, you red-headed bug-a-boo! :wink:

:smiley: The boards shut down for an hour every morning at 3:30am here. (USA central time) They may have been offline at some other time recently as well. but that wasn’t my reference. Glad you’re back though. :slight_smile: