SDMB Weight Loss Club, Number Four

Since liirogue, MeanJoe, and Quasimodem don’t seem to be around to start it, the responsibility falls to me. Here is our new Weight Loss Club thread. I don’t know if “Club” is the right term, though. We welcome everyone.

Threads One, two, and three all have gotten too long and unweildy, and we’re just thinking of the poor, overworked servers (they’re not hamsters, dammit).

This thread will also help to give those of you beginning at New Year’s a fresh start. Here, we discuss methods of weight loss, exercise, and the like. Victories, both scale and non-scale, are also yakked about. Some of us are in for the long haul, some of us have met our goals, and some just have a few pounds to lose. I personally set out to lose around 100 lbs, but have adjusted my goal to 90 - and I’m 2/3 of the way there.

Welcome to 2004. A new thread, a new year, and a new you!

How do you know? Have you seen them personally?:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well, if readjusting your goal is what it takes. . .I originally set out to lose 115, and have already lost 65, so I will readjust my goal to 70, and I’m almost there :D.

Seriously, for anyone new to this whole thing, here’s my basic rundown:
My goal is to lose a total of 115 lbs. I haven’t set a timetable for this, as I don’t care how long it takes, just so I get there eventually! I’ve already lost 65. My plan is simple: no refined sugar, white flour, white rice or white potatoes. This is not Atkins! I still eat plenty of carbs in the form of whole grains, fruits and veggies (no canned fruits or fruit juices, as they are too high in simple sugars). Nothing against Atkins, but my doc advised against it, since my kidney function is impaired, and Atkins tends to be hard on your kidneys. I’ve been slacking the past few months on working out, and weight loss has slowed to a very slow crawl as a result. I have a plan in place to start getting back to the gym on a regular basis, so hopefully, I’ll soon be posting about more progress!

Success to everyone!

I’ve always liked the Weight Watcher points plan. I had great success with it both times I did it. That sounds odd until I explain that like I said in the last thread - I lost almost 80 pounds, got pregnant, lost almost all the baby weight and got pregnant again :slight_smile:

This time I’m done with babies so hopefully the losses will be permanent.

I also can’t do the atkins/south beach plans because my kidneys aren’t up to the stress of all that extra protein. I have nothing against the plan but I hope those doing these diets have their doctor’s approval. Your kidneys are kinda important ya know :slight_smile:

I need to lose 38 pounds. I can do this and I will do this :slight_smile:

For newcomers, a standard shorthand we occasionally use is starting/current/goal weights, like so:

194/175/172 (my current stats)

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I’d explain it anyway.

It’s been a while since I checked into one of these threads, but I just wanted to give another rousing endorsement of Weight Watchers. It helped me lose 95 pounds over the course of 11 months. Well, it’s now six months since I hit goal and I’m still doing OK. I put back about five pounds because people were telling me I looked too thin, but otherwise, I’m still following the program and still maintaining my weight.

start 247
goal 152
now 157

Zev Steinhardt

I’m currently carrying a couple of pounds of water weight, but here it is:


Yea, zev!

And Gingy, I see you’re still under 200, even with that. Good on ya!

Zev, mazel tov! It’s great that you’re keeping it off.

My aspirational diet is close to norinew’s. I began last January:


I was down to 160, but travel and lack of exercise, plus recent inundation with treats (a few cookies, but mostly nuts and cheese) have done their work.

My new incentive is that I will only post to this thread if I’ve already done at least 20 minutes’ exercise that day.

Happy new year, all!

That’s 207–wouldn’t want you to think I’ve got a yo-yo diet going on here!

Well I don’t know about those loosers, but I’m still here :stuck_out_tongue:
I just haven’t posted much because my weight loss is, well, nonexistant right now.

I guess I really need to post and let you all see my unhappy place. I’ve yo-yo’d. I admit it. I went from 128 to 212 to 147 back to 221 and now recently 212 to 185 back to 200. OY! Mine stems from allowing depression as an excuse to over-eat at nite. Boredom too. I saw on t.v. today an add that the Discovery channel is doing a nationwide weight-loss campaign. If you go to there is information about it. You get a free six-week membership at a Bally Fitness if you weigh-in at a Discovery Channel Store on January 10th. I haven’t checked the site yet, but as you can see I have this much info committed to memory, so it piqued my interest. I’m having trouble on the motivational end of weight loss. I was never heavy until I was ending a bad marriage and put the weight on. It’s been a yo-yo existence since then and as some of you may know, it’s taxing! Good luck to all of you…I’ll be lurking. :slight_smile:

Good morning! Weighed in at 198.5 this morning. I may lose this monthly bloat yet.

Has anyone else got a newly renewed resolve? Health and well-being, no fried foods, size 10 in the new year? Any health or weight resolutions? Let us know! We’ll try to help you keep them.

I’ve been at it since March last year. I would like to be (but will not) done dieting by March this year. I have ~30 pounds to go, and I haven’t lost 10 pounds in a month since I first started. It’s down to more like 5 or 6. At the moment, I’m thinking for May 13, which is my birthday.

This isn’t a specific goal, because I don’t have a specific weight goal. I will stop dieting when I can look at myself and not see “fat”; when I can wear a size 10, when I feel as good about my body and what I project to the world as I do about my insides.

For those new people: Where I was, where I am, and where I want to be.

Happy New Year, and good health to you.

Here we go again!

I lost about 50 in 2003. (Woulda been more than that but the holidays kicked my ass.)

It’s January 1 now, though, and time to get righteous. I want to lose another 70 lbs this year and I’m willing to work hard to do it.

I can’t go back to the gym until it opens again on the 5th, and therefore can’t weigh, but for the time being I’ll do what I can. Cut back on milk (my weakness) and start increasing my water.
Quit pigging out, etc.

And I’m giving up fast food. I want to see if I can go a whole year without any kind of McMunchies.

This is a very good plan. A friend of mine started recently and because I’m nosy I had to know how the points worked out. I checked out all her literature and discovered that it is a very clever way of keeping track of what you are eating. When I worked out the points algorithm I was horrified to discover that things I thought were OK were horrendous.

I don’t know if you get nutrional information in grams and kilojoules but the way it works here is:

Divide the number of kilojoules in your meal by 275
For every 4 grams of fat add half a point.

Any good calorie guide will have all the product information you need.

SnoopyFan, there’s no reason you have to cut back on milk, unless you’re drinking homo (whole? Vitamin D? You know what I mean. In Canada it’s called homo milk, short for homogenized). Just go down to 2% or 1% or Skim. Personally, I don’t like anything else but 1%, so I buy 2% for Dave and Matthew, and 1% for myself. Dave doesn’t like 2%, he prefers the full-fat, but tough.

Good luck giving up the McMunchies! I will occasionally allow myself Taco Bell or something similar, but if we’re out for something quick, it’s Subway for me, every time. I never get bored of it.

Howdy, folks. Can I play?

Here’s my stats: 200/200/125

Yeah, I know that’s a lot, but the 125 puts me back in a healthy BMI range. I’m trying to take baby steps, and right now my only goal is to just keep going to Weight Watchers meetings! (I start next week.) If I can stick to it thru March, I will be thrilled, and hopefully will have lost some weight. Enough to motivate me to keep going…

Generally, I feel really sad at this weight. And even more sad when I think about why I actively got to this place… Am interested in “hitting bottom” stories. What finally motivated you to get more healthy?

Wow, I can’t believe how many emotions this is bringing up as I type this. I didn’t realize what an emotional issue this was.

Well, anyway, thanks for doing this.

niblet_head, WELCOME!

For me, plain and simply, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I bought a pair of jeans just before NYDope last year, and they were a size 24. Twenty-Four.

I looked at the pictures from NYDope, and then the later pictures from Opal’s birthday party in mid-February, and was pretty disgusted with how bad I looked. I had always been a pretty girl, if chunky. Having online people stroke your ego doesn’t help either - they tell you you’re hot and no, no, you’re not too fat at all, you’re just fine…I knew I had gained some weight, but I had no idea how much. I was shocked when I weighed myself at the end of February when the pictures went up - I weighed 36 pounds more than I thought I did, and even what I thought I weighed was way too much.

My husband (Weirddave) is a great cook. Unfortunately, I was a great eater, and in a huge soul-crushing depression after picking up and moving from Canada to Maryland. I just let myself get fatter and fatter until one day, it was just enough.

Those jeans I bought in size 24 were stretchy jeans from Lane Bryant. Yesterday, I went into Lane Bryant and put on a pair of size 14 non-stretch. I can not tell you how good that made me feel.

I’ve lost 58 pounds. I have around 30 to go. If I can do this, anyone can do this, and let me give you a bit of advice, if you don’t mind (well. I’ll give it anyway). YOU are the only person who can do this. Your husband, or your SO, or your mother or best friend can’t do this for you. YOU need to decide to do it, and then do it. YOU have to be tenacious, YOU have to just say no to when people offer sweets, an extra helping of something.

I have said it before, but I will say it again. I didn’t realize what a pit bull I can be until I started dieting. Oh sure, I knew that I’ve always been a ‘just do it if it needs doing’ person, but this has blown me away.

I have amazed myself, I have lost ~23% of my beginning body weight and 40". I’m stronger and healthier and weigh less than I have in my whole adult life. My face has changed and thinned out. My hair is healthier, my nails are stronger, I don’t break out as much, my periods are more regular, I don’t have the hip and knee creaks that have plagued me for the last few years.

I’m me, but better. And we’ll help you do the same thing.

One other thing: Because you’re doing WW, you CAN have that treat if you want it. You can have a cheesesteak (13 points) or cheesecake (~9 points) or the cheeseburger (oy. don’t have the double) if you want. You have the flex points, and you can exercise to gain more - don’t deny yourself. I was a point Nazi at the beginning, and 1- and 2-pointed to death. Don’t deny yourself, or you may fall off the plan entirely.

Good luck! We’re here to help.

I want to become a Social X-Ray this year.

I want to be so thin that my friends hold Interventions, and David E. Kelley tries to cast me in a TV show.

And I don’t care about doing it “sensibly” or “healthily.”

I think you’re talking about the cancer diet.

Happy New Year everyone!!

My metabolism has finally gone back to normal, and as a result, the weight went back as well. Not to mention I haven’t had time to go to the gym in weeks, and my eating’s been sucky. 200 on the nose.

My resolution is to lose the rest of my weight, get back on track with working out AT LEAST 3 times a week, and to be able to run 4 miles without dying. I went to the gym this morning, and am finally starting up on the WW points plan, with the help of the sliders Gingy so kindly sent me. (I just realized I forgot to thank you-THANK YOU!! You rock!)

As for how I got here, it was mostly a case of depression gone sour. I was average weight all through most of high school, but in my junior year, we moved to Boston from Florida. I was miserable,and alone, and missed my friends. I started eating. I also started at McDonalds that year. 5 years later, I was still in the food service industry. 5 years having access to free fast food will kill any diet. I was in denial though, and really didn’t realize how overweight I was. In February, I went out with my family to celebrate my sister’s birthday, and I thought I looked awesome. 2 months later, I got the pictures back-I was fat. I was 5’8, and 236 lbs. I started at Bally, working out once or twice a week on my own, lost maybe 5 lbs. In June, I was approached by a trainer who wanted to start sessions with me. She gave me one free workout, and by the end, I was curled up in pain, but I felt awesome. I signed on for 16 more sessions, lost 15 lbs. Signed on for another 16 sessions, lost 20 lbs. Due to lack of extra cash, and lack of time, I had to cut out before I signed on for a third round. Now that the holidays are over, I’m thinking about going in for one last plunge, and seeing if I can’t knock out at least a good chunk of my last little bit. She really is awesome, and exactly what I need to keep my ass in line.