SDMB Writes Their Own Lyrics (Weird Al would be envious)

Okay, for the hell of it. Let’s crucify a few songs with our own lyrics a la Weird Al. I’ll start a tune (you have to have a melody in your head to really do this), when one song has gone on too long or ended, start a new one…

(To the tune of Piano man)

Well it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday
The regular crowds’ loggin’ in
I gotta whole night ahead of me
Pro’ly filled with debauchery and gin…

(still to the tune of Piano Man)

As I enter a thread in General Questions
Trying to show off my wisdom and prde
But some guy in there knows more than I
So I run to the PIT and I hide

oh la la la, lalala, la la la lalala

Gaz, I like the idea but I can’t take that Joel crap anywhere, no offense intended…

So here’s my contribution, going off in a slightly different direction: To the tune of “Spirit in the sky”

“I’m Gonna kill your mother
Your father too
then I’m coming back to waste you-
You’re whole family’s gonna die, I’m gonna send 'em up
to the spirit in the sky.”

No particular person in mind, this is just how I’ve always thought the song should go, based on the guitar work. :wink:


Man, I complimented you on your name and then you come over and have to screw with a flailing yet still happy thread… :wally You won’t last long.

Putz? I was just trying to help. Don’t think I deserved Putz. But, hey, to each his own. I thought my entry was original and at least amusing, and I didn’t have a problem with yours except for personally not being able to do anything with the Billy Joel bit, and I get putz.

Ah well. Nice to meet you too.


Any way a mod can kill that crap above? New song…
Dumb Shits to the tune of Boat Drinks

Dumb Shits
God we’re surrounded by dumb shits
people with less than a half wit
I don’t know where we went wrong…

Yes, please. Mods, come in and do something with the “crap”. I expect someone to pull out “putz” in a pit rant, not here. I Saw the thread, Thought it was amusing. Thought the concept amusing. Read the instructions:

Saw clearly that nobody was replying. Saw that it was a thread that did not deserve to die. Made what I thought was an amusing contribution. Politely noted that my personal preference wasn’t for Billy Joel. Apologised in advance if this offended. And added a winking smiley to make clear my intentions were humorous and well-meaning. And I’m called Putz. And told I won’t last long. Well, gazoo, in my mind you’ve already overstayed your welcome.

The internet is a wonderful place. It allows people to be hateful to one another without the benefit of being properly introduced-Billy Rubin.

Hi, my name is Billy Rubin, and I just don’t get it.

Close it off, I just wanted to have some fun…now it’s trollville.

You guys have a good time! Have another couple of beers, that’ll help.

Don’t piss off the people that are older than you! Not IRL, but here, posts equal age! And I’m about 500 years older than you, so please listen!

Uh, I’m singing… fuck it, that’s all I wanted to say anyways…

Well, it’s not a post count thing. It’s the ugliness of his post. I don’t worry about post counts. If I did, I’d really like Handy.

OKAY you two, back to the OP!
(To the tune of Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer):

Your PC’s on
but not your phone
Your soul
is timeshare owned
You surf net
Your body aches
Creat new threads, that’s what it takes.

You start a thread
It lays dead
Until BR
unloads his head
You call him :wally
and make hime seethe
Just one more post is all you nee-ee-eeed.

Whoawhoahoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it,
You’re a wannabe Al…

Okay, enough. I’m closing this thread. If you want to start a more civil one in the same vein, please do.