I got this in my e-mail sent on Jan 30th/01.

I didn't want to start a board thread on this, on the remote chance that it's true, and you don't want to be *exposed*.
(I know it's a stretch, but it'd be so cool if it were true.)

Considering David Bloomberg's "Editor's Introduction" in the current issue of Teemings and all of your recent smug threads containing SDMB-related parody versions of hit songs...
well, one with an active imagination could get the idea that you are **Weird Al**.

Could you let me know if you are? I wouldn't tell anyone if you were keeping it secret.

I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted. :)

My reply? -  "You're **half** right."

So, to quash any rumors that may be floating around out there, let me say for the record:
1. I am NOT Weird Al.
2. I have never in my life met, or contacted Weird Al.
3. Weird Al is a dork! (But an amusing dork)

I wrote those song parodies by simply replacing portions of the song lyrics, with SDMB phrases of equal syllables.
For example: Take this very sappy song from the 70's  (later used in a Coca-Cola commercial.)

**I'd like to teach the world to sing,
In perfect harmony,
I'd like to hold it in my arms,
And keep it company.**

Now in my version, I would simply replace "world" with "board", then replace "hold it in my arms" with "buy the mods a beer," and  finally add a line of six syllables to the bottom line, last syllable rhyming with “eee”... say... something like... "(They like to drink for free.)” - and...viola!
Now it goes...
**I'd like to teach the board to sing,
In perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the mods a beer,
(They like to drink for free.)**

It's really that easy. Some of the songs took longer than others to write, but for the most part, under a couple of hours each.

And to the Edmonton Dopers who know what I look like… any mention of my resembling Weird Al will be answered in an appropriate Pit thread. ;)

So please, let the record show that I AM NOT Al.
Just weird. :)


And here was me looking for a nekkid photo… :wink:

That’s right. It was stupid for people to think you were Weird Al…,
because I’m Weird Al!

So quit with the insults already. You know what it’s like to have perpetual “bad hair day”?


:: ambles away sheepishly, whilst pushing hair out of eyes… ::

About the Coke song, I thought the commercial came first, then, when it became popular, the words were changed a little to become a (sappy) hit.

Nope. The song came first.

And for the record, I think smug is more akin to Tom Lehrer than Weird Al.

My first reaction on reading your thread title was, “omigod, you really, really don’t have to do that!” Somehow I pictured you in an oversized, dingy overcoat, beat-up sneakers and nothing else, happily flashing all and sundry. (Especially sundry, you prevert.)

But since you’re actually talking about free beer for mods, well, that’s a whole 'nother kettle of prarie oysters. The official free SD mug has somehow gotten lost in the mail, and my suggestions for an engraved pilsner glass weren’t greeted with much acclaim either. FORTUNATELY I never go far without my personal, emergency back-up glass.

Pour it forth, smug, tilt it juuuust enough to get the proper foam/beer ratio. aaahhhhhhh

Is it my imagination or would smug actually look rather well leering and flashing from a dingy overcoat?

Impartial as hell but always receptive to offers,

Hey, it could happen. I know there have to be one or two famous people (besides Eve) among the 12626 Teeming Millions on the board…
I consulted The People Pages, but the photo there still left a nagging, lingering suspicion. The mustache and all.
I have always gotten a kick out of Weird Al, so no offense was intended.

Pours Veb a fine Canadian brew with the glass tilted juuuust enough to get the proper foam/beer ratio.

Ok Veb, but Shhhhhhhhh, the word on the street is that UncleBeer can hear a beer opening from 500 yards. If he and the other mods get word of this, there will be no more suds left for the rest of us…

And Veb… I’m from Canada, I use a dingy parka when I leer and flash. :smiley:

ChiefScott, you are again correct sir, the “New Seekers” recorded that piece of drivel before Coca-Cola made it famous. And thanks for the advice about including sexual innuendo in the thread title, it does increase the thread views! (Smiley goes here)

Vertigo: Sorry for calling you/Al a dork.
I know you/he prefer(s) the term “nerd”. :wink:

Dichotomous: No offense taken, and thanks. :slight_smile:

Possible second verse of the sappy song?

I’d like to see this board for once,
All drunk as they can get,
And hear them echo through the hills,
As they belch the alphabet.

This stuff practically writes itself…

It is NOT your imagination… :slight_smile:

Would the real Weird Al please stand up, please stand up?

I think you need another syllable, Montfort. Speaking of which, which one of, I think, 11 possible names is “Al” short for? I think “Alfred” would be a likely pairing with “Yankovich”, but it could be “Alexander” or “Algernon”. Anyone know?

He’s right ya know.

I’m Weird Al.

I think he’d look rather well just flashing, forget the coat thing :wink: